Down at the Main Stream

A Poem in which I vent my frustrations at the Music Business


1. Down at the Main Stream


Down at the main stream

Big Fish dominate

Little fish dream


Money's the goal

and only main stream will score

What happened to soul?


Meaningless Lyrics

Crowd pleasing so unoriginal

This trade of the tricks


Only good for the latest trend

Fleeting as whispered sighs

Has me going around the bend


Down at the main stream

Everything's uniform in different lights

Like strawberries and cream


Variety in the form of fast or slow

Plastic fantastic

'What a like awesome show'


Singing for the sake of singing

To entertain the masses

Forever unchanging


You sing of love, sex and drugs

Recycling words

Like hired guns, street thugs


Down at the main stream

I don't want to understand

That it's the majorities team


The big fishes were once small fry too

Got a big break but now don't even try

Hey Mr big cheese, with you I'm through


I once ran with the masses

But I now know I'm unique

Like the ticking of hour glasses


Each to our own I suppose

Like the colours of the spectrum

Or petals on a rose


Down at the main stream

It twists and turns



_,∙~* All But Faceless*~∙,_

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