A sonnet expressing my frustration at high school


1. Damned


Damned if I do, Damned if I don't. I wont

People watch, whisper and laugh. It hurts

I could try to blend in more, But I don't

They're so strange with their hair and shoes and skirts.

Damned if I hide, Damned if I run. I'll stay

They flock around like mindless sheep. I weep

I could follow, but myself I'll betray

My only escape is though dreamless sleep

Damned if I change, Damned if I shift. enough

I am me, they are them, we're not the same

Enraged is their emotion, well I say tough

I wont play any more, I'm done with this game

     Such small minded people, they don't accept

     People are people, not tears to be wept

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