You Can't Control Me!

(Grace is a 100% made up sibling) Grace Tomlinson is Louis Tomlinson of one direction's sister. She is forced to go live with her brother and the other boys. One rule. And I quote Louis' words "You best stay away from my sister." She broke it. Secretly. Louis comes down on him (NO SECRETS REVEILED HAHA) like a mad man. What happens next? Will Louis make Grace move out? Will he take his sister and they both move out? Hmm...


1. Plane Rides

(Before I begin, most of this story will be told I'm Grace's POV)

Grace's POV

"Grace. Fifteen minutes." Mum says handing me my MANY bags. "Bye mum. Love you. Lottie, Fizz, Daisy, and Phoebe I love you too." I smile holding in tears. I walk into the airport. I watch the black Mustang pull out and further it goes.

Upon boarding the plane, I let one tear escape. I find my seat. It's 3 AM, I'm tired, I'm off to America to find Louis, I'm not happy. Mum is getting rid of me. No matter how many times I've begged, she won't let me stay. 'Go to Louis'! It'll be fun!" She said but it will never be fun. Louis and I don't get along well. The all 'Louis+Grace= BEST BRO-SIS EVER!' Thing carved in a tree is a lie. Every letter carved. And his friends. Probably total ass wipes. Stuck up, 'too good for the world', FML.

Into the ride, I fall asleep.
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