Forbidden Love

Alana grew up in a military family in California. She finished high school early at 16 years old and went through schooling to be a body guard. She is one of few female body guards. When she aplies for a job as a body guard for a popular boy band that she has never heard of before, One Direction. She develops feelings for Louis that she doesn't want to adress. But is her will power strong enough to keep her feelings hidden from him and everyone else?


10. Training

Alana's P.O.V.

"What the bloody hell do you have in these bags?!", Louis asks while stumbling down the hall with some of my bags from shopping. "You know what I have in the bags, you were there when I bought them.", I say. "I didn't expect you to buy half of New York city!", he says. That's our curent location, it's amazing here but a lot colder than California. I open the door to my room and say, "I only bought one fourth of New York for your information." He laughs and walks into my room. He drops the bags on the floor and falls on my bed. I lay on my side on the bed next to him. I just lay there and study his face. After a few minutes he looks away from the ceiling and looks at me.


"Ally, I'm worried.", he says. "About what?", I ask. "Well, my fans tend to not only stalk the boys and I but our girlfriends as well. I don't think you will be able to stay as our body guard, you're probably going to need your own body guard.", he says. I sigh and say, "I know. But we will figure something out. Management must have known that I probably wasn't going to be able to continue being your body guard, they must have something up their sleeve because they haven't fired me yet." "How about we talk to Paul?", Louis asks. "Yep, lets go talk to him.", I say and pull Louis up from the bed. 


I walk over to Paul's room with Louis and knock on the door. He answers it but he's on the phone so he just motions for us to come in. We walk in and sit on the edge of Paul's bed. He finally hangs up the phone turns to us. "What's up?", he asks. "Well we were wondering why management is keeping Alana as a body guard. Most of the boys and my past and present girlfriends have need their own security.", Louis says.


Paul clears his throat and says, "Well, we were hoping that Alana could teach you and the boys some fighting skills and things along that line instead of being your body guard. It would be good for you and the boys to be able to learn to fight so that it's easier for you guys to protect yourselves. Alana, would you be willing to do that?" I think about it and ask, "I would be teaching the guys what type of fighting skills exactly?" "Well, you would be teaching them some hand to hand fighting skills as well as how to use a gun correctly.", Pauls says. "So I would be fighting with the boys as training for them?", I ask. "Yes.", Paul replies. I smirk and say, "Of course I will do it! I will be able to beat up my boyfriend!" Louis eyes widen and Paul laughs.


"Alright, tomorrow is another day off so I would like you to start teaching the  boys then. The S.U.V. will be out back of the hotel at seven tomorrow morning and it will take you and the boys to a private training center.", says Paul. "Alright, I will go let the boys know.", I say and stand up to leave. "Wait. I will call the boys to let them know. Also, can you please not bruise their faces or hurt them very badly, they need to look okay on stage and in public.", Paul says. "Alright. No hurting them badly or bruising their faces, got it.", I say. Louis looks at me, he seems a bit relieved. We walk out the door and once in the hallway Louis says, "Great, now I'm going to get beat up by my girlfriend." "Yeah, but it's for your own good. Now go to bed, your going to need your rest for tomorrow", I say. I kiss him on the cheek and walk back to my room.


*The next morning*

I knock on all of the boys rooms and wait for them to all meet me in the hallway. They're all dressed in tee shirts, shorts, and sneakers. We walk out of the back of the hotel and get in the big black S.U.V. Once I'm seated next to Louis in the back seat and we're on the road I ask, "Have any of you done any training before?" Louis, Harry, Niall, and Zayn all reply with no. But Liam says, "Yep. I've done some training for boxing when I was younger." "So I might have someone actually put up a fight instead of going down right away.", I say. "Maybe.", he says.


"Lou, you're going to get beat up by your girlfriend.", says Harry with a huge grin on his face. "Harry, shut up.", says Louis. "Don't worry, baby. I wont hurt you too badly.", I say to Louis innocently. All of the boys start laughing. Louis looks worried. I give his hand a squeeze and kiss him softly. I hear all of the boys yell 'ew' or 'get a room'. Louis slashes out with his arm and blindly hits one of the boys but continues kissing me anyway. Louis tries pulling me onto his lap but I pull away from the kiss and say teasingly, "Louis, behave yourself, we're in public." "Yeah, behave.", says Harry.


Louis smirks and unbuckles his seat belt. What the hell is he up to now? He puts his knees on each side of me on the seat of the car and grabs my face in his hands. "Really Lou?", I can hear Liam say with a sigh. Louis leans down and kisses me, I wrap my arms around his neck and kiss him back. I can hear Niall say, "Oh come on! Please keep it p.g. 13." I laugh against Louis lips and continue kissing him.  


I feel Louis hands go under my shirt and I get a flashback, I gasp and push Louis away from me and he falls onto the floor of the S.U.V. "Ohhh, Louis just got rejected.", Harry says. "Shut the hell up Harry.", Louis snaps. I feel a tear go down the side of my cheek. Louis kneels on the floor in front of me and puts one hand on the side of my face and rubs my knee with the other. "Did you get another flashback?", Louis whispers sounding very concerned. I nod and start crying harder. Louis sits down next to me and pulls me onto his lap. "You're going to be okay, love. That was the past and will never happen to you again.", he says while rubbing my back. I wipe my eyes and take a deep breath to stop myself from crying.


I look up at the other boys, they look confused and worried. "You guys probably want to know what's going on, right?", I ask. "You don't have to tell them.", says Louis protectively. "I want to. I should explain to them what just happened.", I say to Louis. I turn to look at the boys and say, "Well what just happened is that I had a flashback. I get flashbacks when I do stuff along the lines of what Louis and I were doing.", I say and look at the boys to see there reactions, they look confused. "I get flashbacks to when I was raped when I was thirteen.", I say, my voice breaks at the end of the sentence. Everyone is quiet.


"Oh my god. That's terrible. I'm so sorry.", Liam finally says. "What kind of asshole would do that to you?", asks Niall, he looks furious. "One of my teachers.", I say and sigh. "Did he go to jail?", Zayn asks. "Nope. I never told anyone. Louis is the first person I ever told about this.", I say. "Now we can just move on from this and go to our training. It would also be great for you guys to never bring this up again.", I add. They all nod in agreement.


The S.U.V. pulls into the parking lot of the training center and we all go inside. We walk over to a huge mat on the floor meant for fighting and wrestling. "Alright, before I start training you guys I want to see how good you already are at fighting. So who wants to go first?", I ask. No one moves or says anything.


"Hm... Louis, you can go first.", I say with a smirk. He sighs and asks, "Really? Why do I have to go first?" "Because I want you too, thats why. Now come here.", I say and pull him towards the middle of the floor. "Any type of fighting works. Wrestling, boxing, karate, anything along those line can work in hand to hand fighting. No aiming for the face though. Got it?", I say. He nods nervously. I step a foot away from him and waited for Zayn to tell us to go.


"Go!", Zayn yells. I step forward and push Louis hard on the chest with my forearm and wrap my leg around the back of his legs to trip him. He falls to the floor and I manage to flip him over onto his stomach and pin his arms behind his back. I hold him there for a few seconds and let him go. He stands up and rubs his arms. "Ow, that kind of hurt.", he says. "It's not supposed to feel good", I say. I give him a quick peck on the lips and walk over to the other boys.


They're all looking at me shocked. "Holy shit!", Niall yells. "Who wants to go next?", I ask. No one moves. I sigh and say, "Harry, you're up next" He walks to the middle of the mat and I repeat what I said to Louis. Once given our cue to go Harry steps forward and tries to grab my arm. I grab his hand and twist his arm. He crouches over to avoid me breaking his wrist and I knee him in the stomach and push him forward. He catches himself from falling face first on the floor. I put a knee on his back and elbow him between the shoulder blades. His arms give out and he lands on the floor. I pin his arms behind his back and let go after a few seconds.


I walk back over to the boys and say, "Zayn, you're next." I repeat the rules of the fight and Zayn just ends up being a repeat of Louis, and so does Niall. I walk back to the boys after my fight with Niall and say, "Alright, Liam your turn. Please actually put up a fight, I'm kind of getting bored with just beating up people." Liam laughs and follows me into the center of the mat. "Go!", yells Zayn. Liam doesn't waste time, he steps forward and punches me in the stomach. Finally someone who can put up a fight. The fight lasts for about five minutes before I have Liam pinned to the mat. I let him up and say, "Great job, you're actually a pretty good fighter." He smiles and says, "Well better than the other guys anyway." "Yes, but I think your an amazing fighter, you probably could have been a boxer if you hadn't become a singer.", I say. "Thanks.", he says. We walk back over to the other guys and I say, "Okay, I think we're good for today, you guys must be in some pain so lets go back to the hotel." "Thank god.", Niall says. I laugh and we all go back to the hotel. 

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