Forbidden Love

Alana grew up in a military family in California. She finished high school early at 16 years old and went through schooling to be a body guard. She is one of few female body guards. When she aplies for a job as a body guard for a popular boy band that she has never heard of before, One Direction. She develops feelings for Louis that she doesn't want to adress. But is her will power strong enough to keep her feelings hidden from him and everyone else?


18. Stupid Decisions

Alana's P.O.V.

*Ring Ring* Ugh! People leave me alone! I just want to cry in peace! *Ring Ring* Fine! I pick up my phone and look at the screen. Forty three new messages. Fifteen from Louis, seven from Harry, four from Niall, five from Zayn, two from Liam, one from Paul, one from someone else in management, two from Jay, two from Jane, four from Lottie. I decide to open the texts from Harry. They read, 'Alana? Are you okay?', 'What happened?', 'Why did you leave Louis?', 'Please answer one of me or one of the boys', 'Please tell me what's going on! Louis wont tell us why you left.', 'What did he do to make you leave?', and 'Alana, come on! Tell me what's going on!' I sigh and text back, 'He asked me to marry him, I said no. I'm not good for him, he's better of without me.'


I wait for him to reply and look at the messages from Lottie. They say, 'Why did you say no?', 'Louis' bawling his eyes out', 'We need to talk', and 'Meet me at the cafe down the street from your hotel tomorrow at noon.' I text back, 'Okay, I'll talk to you then.' I put my phone down. I don't want to see anymore texts from people, especially Louis. *Ring Ring* It might be from Harry or Lottie so I look at the text, it's Harry. He says, 'You're perfect for him. I'm not going to tell you what to do, but you shouldn't have left him.' I let out a sob and reply, 'I'm scared, Harry. I'm going to talk to Lottie tomorrow and see what she has to say, then I will figure out what I'm going to do. I love him, I really do, but I'm really scared and confused.' I burry my head in my hands and break down.


I hear my door open and someone sits on my bed and rubs my back. "Honey, everything's going to be okay.", my dad says. "I don't know what I'm going to do. At the time I thought it would be best to leave him, but it's too hard. I love him so much, I should have said yes. But being the stupid person I am, I said no and left him." "Tell him that. Tell him how you feel. That's the only way to fix this.", he says. "The more I think about the reasons I gave him for leaving, the more I think about how stupid those reasons are.", I say. "Do what you think is right.", he says. "I think I'm going to wait until I talk to Lottie tomorrow to really decide anything.", I say. My dad kisses my forehead and says, "That's a good idea. If you really do love Louis, than I want you to know that I very much aprove of you two being together." "Thank you, dad.", I say. "Go to sleep, you need your rest.", my dad says and leaves the room. I lie down and close my eyes.


My phone rings and I open it. It's a new text message from Louis. I can't ignore him forever. I open the message and there's a video attached to it. I press play and watch as Louis face pops up on the screen. His face is red and puffy. He's standing outside somewhere. "Hello, Alana. This is my goodbye message to you. At midnight I'm going to jump off of this bridge and end this.", he says and turns the camera around to show a bridge above a river. "I love you, I really do. You may think I'm crazy for doing this, but to me it makes sense.", he says and tears roll down his cheek. "I can't live without you. Goodbye.", he whispers. Oh my god. Louis Tomlinson, you are fucking crazy. I check the time on my phone frantically. It's 11:55.


I dial Lottie's number. After a few rings she answers, "Alana? Are you okay?" "No! Do you know any local bridges?", I ask. "Why?", she asks. "Louis sent me a video saying he was going to jump off a bridge at midnight.", I say. "What?! Oh my god! Yes, I know the bridge! It's just down the street from your hotel. When you go out of the front door take a left and keep going straight. I'm going to call the police right now. Go stop him!", she yells and hangs up. I get up and run out of my room. I throw my shoes and jacket on as fast as I can.


"Ally? What's going on?", my mother asks. "Louis going to try killing himself!", I yell and run from the door. I run down the street checking the time as I go. Just as the bridge comes into view I check the time, 11:59. I run towards the bridge and I'm now close enough to see Louis standing on the side of the bridge. I'm out of breath and can't yell. I hope he doesn't jump.


I'm now on the bridge and I hear Louis say, "Goodbye." He steps over the side of the bridge and falls out of view. "No!", I scream, now I can scream, great. I run to the side of the bridge and look over the side. There's a huge hole in the ice where I'm guessing Louis went through. I quickly take off my jacket and shoes and climb up on the side of the bridge. I take a deep breath and jump. I feel my body hit the water and the breath is knocked out of me. My whole body feels like it's being stabbed by knives constantly because of the cold water. I open my eyes and spin around looking for Louis. I see him struggling against the ice above us, he must not remember where the hole in the ice is. I swim towards him and grab his arm and drag him towards the hole in the ice. He doesn't look at me or struggle against me pulling him.


I finally get to the hole and put my head above the water and take a deep breath of air. Louis pops above water and is struggling more than I am to breath. Luckily the ice is rather thick so I pull myself out of the hole onto it. I pull Louis onto the ice next to me. He looks like he is going to pass out any second. I force myself to get up and kneel by his side. I tap the side of his face in an attempt to keep him awake. "Louis, it's me Alana. Stay awake. If you fall asleep than I will lose you. Help will be here soon.", I say franticly. I'm shaking all over but I'm ignoring it. Louis shaking badly as well and is having a hard time to breath.


I hear sirens and I look up to the bridge, there is several ambulances and police cars. I look at Louis and say, "Hold on, don't fall asleep. The paramedics will be here really soon. I love you, don't leave me." He's still taking in short ragged breaths instead of the long deep ones that he should be.


I hear foot steps behind me. Someone wraps a blanket around me and throws one on top of Louis. I look up and there is multiple paramedics around me. "Please save him.", I say to the best of my ability, though I'm having a hard time talking because I'm shaking so badly. "We will, but we need you to come with us as well.", one paramedic says while the others put Louis on a stretcher. The paramedic that was talking to me picks me up and carries me to an ambulance. Even though my body is close to shutting down I can't stop worrying about Louis. I feel the ambulance start to move and two or three paramedics are putting oxygen tubes in my nose and I.V.'s in my arm. I don't fight against them.


We arrive at the hospital and I'm rushed inside on a stretcher, I can see Louis being rolled down the hallway in a stretcher in front of me. I'm pushed inside a room and my wet cold clothes are taken off by nurses. They put a hospital robe on me and leave the room. I fall asleep, I'm exhausted.


I wake up about four hours later. A doctor walks into the room and says, "Your lucky to be alive, young lady. Most people don't survive a swim in a river this time of the year. You're going to be okay other than some minor frostbite." "How's Louis doing?", I ask, I'm no longer shaking. "Louis is doing pretty well. He's going to live but he has some injuries. He broke his left lower leg, a few ribs, and his lower arm from the impact of hitting the ice. He will have some casts but they aren't a break that requires a surgery. He has some frostbite as well. He had trouble breathing when he first got here but once we changed his clothes and warmed him up a little bit he went back to normal. He's awake now and doing well. There is not reason for you to stay here, we will take your I.V. out and your family brought you some clothes to wear.", he says. "Am I allowed to visit Louis?", I ask. "Yes, you can visit him once your dressed.", he says.


He sits down and removes my I.V. He leaves the room and my mother walks in carrying my clothes. "Hi mom.", I say. "Thank goodness you're alright", she says and hugs me. "I had to jump after him, he was going to die if I didn't.", I say with my head in my hands. "I know. Change and you can go visit him.", she says and leaves the room. I change and leave the room. I walk into the hall and I realize that everyone is here. Mom, Dad, Jay, Lottie, Fizzy, Phoebe, Daisy, Niall, Zayn, Harry, and Liam. Everyone takes their turn hugging me except for Harry. "Harry? Are you okay?", I ask. "No. You're the reason that my best friend tried killing himself.", he says sourly. "Yeah, and the reason he lived.", Liam says to Harry. "I never meant for him to get hurt, I love him. I thought leaving him was the best thing to do, I was seriously wrong.", I say. "Okay, but if you hurt him ever again than you and I are going to have some issues.", Harry says and hugs me. "I will never hurt him again.", I say.


"Alright! Let the girl go see the man she loves!", Lottie says dramatically. Harry laughs and lets me go. I knock on Louis door and walk in. He's lying in bed with multiple casts on and an I.V. in his arm. "Louis, I'm so sorry.", I say and collapse into a chair next to his bed. "I should have never left you. I love you. I'm so stupid, I came up with stupid excuses, I was just scared. Scared that I wasn't good enough or right for you, scared of the future.", I say while looking at the floor. "Ally, I love you. I thought I lost you forever.", he says. "No. I'm never leaving again unless you want me to.", I say. "I don't want you to leave, I want to marry you.", he says. "I want to marry you too.", I say.


He chuckles and says, "Then lets try this again. Ally, will you marry me?" "Yes, of course.", I say. "Good, because that jump actually really hurt and I don't want to have to do it again.", he says. I shoot him a warning look and say, "Don't you dare ever do that to me again." "I wont. Now kiss me.", he says. I giggle and kiss him softly. I pull away and he says teasingly, "You know you can kiss me normally, I'm not that breakable." I lean in and kiss him harder this time. I pull away when I run out of breath. "I love you.", Louis says. "I love you too. When do you want to tell everyone that were getting married?", I ask. "Um, let's tell them later after you have the ring.", he says. "Oh yeah. I forgot about that.", I say. He laughs and I kiss him once again.


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