Forbidden Love

Alana grew up in a military family in California. She finished high school early at 16 years old and went through schooling to be a body guard. She is one of few female body guards. When she aplies for a job as a body guard for a popular boy band that she has never heard of before, One Direction. She develops feelings for Louis that she doesn't want to adress. But is her will power strong enough to keep her feelings hidden from him and everyone else?


12. Snow Day

Alana's P.O.V.

*The next morning*

"Louis! Ally! Wake up!", Daisy and Phoebe yell as they jump up and down on our bed. I open my eyes and laugh. His sisters remind me so much of him. Louis groans and says, "Go away. I'm tired." "No! It's snowing outside! Come outside to play in the snow with us!", Phoebe says excitedly. "What?! Oh my god! Come on Ally lets go outside!", Louis yells now wide awake. The girls leave the room to let us get ready to go outside.


"Louis, I don't have any good winter clothes, I'm from California, it never snows there.", I say. "I'll ask my mum if she has some boots and stuff you can borrow.", Louis says and leaves the room. A few minutes later he comes back in the room carrying boots, ski pants, a hat, and gloves. "Luckily my mom had some of her old winter clothes.", Louis says. We get fully dressed in our winter clothes and I laugh at how strange I look.


We go outside where Fizzy, Lottie, Daisy, and Phoebe are already throwing snow at each other. Louis is attacked with snowballs as soon as he steps out the door. He picks up snow and starts throwing it at his sister. I just stand by the door laugh. "Come on Ally!", Phoebe yells. "I've never even seen snow before, just give me a minute.", I say. All of the girls stop what they are doing. "You've never seen snow?!", Daisy asks. "No, I'm from California, it doesn't snow there.", I say. All of the girls start throwing snow at me and I decide I should fight back. I start throwing snow at them, I'm not as good at making snowballs as they are but I'm doing okay.


Louis teams up with me to fight against his sisters. In the end the girls won the snowball fight. Louis and I lay in the snow as his sisters move on to making a snowman. "So how do you like the snow?", Louis asks. "I love it! I wish it snowed in California.", I say. Louis laughs and asks, "How do you like my family?" "Your family is amazing, they're all fun people like you.", I say. He rolls on top of me and smiles. "Louis Tomlinson, behave yourself, your sisters are only a few feet away.", I say. "They've seen people kiss before, that's nothing new to them.", he says and kisses me. I'm cold from the snow but as soon as our lips meet I'm warm from head to toe. There is an eruption of Ew's from around us and I laugh against Louis lips.


I feel something very cold go down the front of my shirt. Damn it, Louis put snow down my shirt. I flip Louis over onto his back and sit on his stomach. I pull the snow out of my shirt and throw it on the ground. "Louis Tomlinson! That's really cold! There will be revenge!", I say. He smiles and laughs. All of his sisters are practically rolling on the ground laughing. "But I still love you.", I say and peck him on the lips. "I love you too.", he says.


I let him up from the ground and we decide to go inside. Once inside we take all of our snow gear off and go to the kitchen to get something to drink. We walk into the kitchen and see Jay cooking lunch. "Good morning Jay.", I say. "Hello you two. Did you have fun outside?", she asks. "Yeah, but Louis put snow down my shirt.", I say and playfully push Louis. Jay laughs and says, "That doesn't surprise me, Louis is always up to no good. He's always been my little troublemaker." "Mum! I'm twenty two, I'm not little!", he says. "Louis, you will always be my baby boy.", she says. Louis sighs and says, "I guess so." I smile and hold Louis hand.


"Do you two want some hot cocoa?", she asks. "Yes, please.", Louis says. I nod my head in agreement. We sit quietly while Jay makes us two cups of hot cocoa. She sets two cups in front of Louis and I and says, "Lottie says she walked in on the two of you snogging yesterday. So I will tell the girls to knock from now on. But, I have some rules for you two." "Okay.", I say. "No sex in my house. Okay?", she says. Louis chokes on his drink. "Mum! Oh my god!", he says in between coughs. "Well the last thing I need is for my daughters to walk in on my son and his girlfriend doing that.", she says. I blush and say, "Don't worry, that wont happen. Louis already knows that he has to wait a long time to get that far with me." Jay smiles and says, "Thats good, make him wait awhile. It will teach him to respect you." Louis literally face palms himself. He's blushing bright pink. "Are we embarrassing you?", I ask. "Yes! This isn't exactly the type of thing I want to talk to my mum about.", he says. I kiss him on the cheek and say, "Too bad, she's your mother she has the right to know." "Exactly!", Jay says and laughs.


"Well I'm going to change my shirt, it's still soaked from the snow you put down it.", I say. "I'll come with you.", Louis says. I raise and eyebrow and say, "Okay, well you have to leave the room while I'm changing though." Louis blushes and says, "I know that." I laugh and walk to his room. Once inside his room he says, "That was an awkward conversation." "Yeah, but if it was my mom it would have been worse.", I say. "How?", he asks. "Well, she would start off by threatening to cut your balls of if you forced me into anything. Then she would talk about different types of sexually transmitted diseases and the importance of using protection.", I say. Louis eyes widen and he says, "Holy shit!" "Yeah, most of my sister's boyfriends have broken up with her after meeting my mom.", I say. "Wow.", he says. "So your mom really isn't that bad.", I say. "I see that now.", he says.


I pull a shirt out of my suit case and Louis asks, "Do you want me to leave the room now?" "I don't care if you stay, it would just sound bad to your mom if you came in the room with me while I change.", I say. "Oh.", he says. I pull my shirt off leaving me in only my bra. I see Louis staring at me. "What? You've seen me in a bikini before, there isn't any difference between that and a bra.", I say. "Trust me, there is a difference.", Louis says while still staring at me. "Louis, stop staring.", I say. Louis blushes, looks at the floor, and says, "Sorry." "It's alright." I say.



I put my dry shirt on and walk over to him. I pull his chin up so he's not staring at the floor. "Louis, I love you.", I say. He smiles and says, "I love you too." I kiss him, but he doesn't seem that interested in kissing me. I pull away feeling kind of hurt. "What's wrong, Louis?", I ask. "I feel guilty kissing you. I don't know when you're going to get a flashback and every time you get one I feel bad about causing you pain.", he says. I hug him and say, "Louis, don't feel bad about it. The flashbacks are going to come, but eventually they wont." "I know.", he says. "Louis, I love you and I want to be with you, but it will take time.", I say. He puts a hand on the side of my face and kisses me.


The door to his room opens and I hear the twins say, "Ew!" "Damn it! Can you two knock from now on?", Louis says. "Sorry, Louis. Mum wanted us to tell you that lunch is ready.", Daisy says. Louis looks at me and sighs. We walk down to the kitchen and Jay says, "Lottie's boyfriend is coming over tonight to meet us." "Cool. Am I allowed to threaten him?", Louis asks. "Louis! Why would you want to do that?", Jay asks. "Well, I don't want my little sister to get hurt or pregnant.", he says. "Ah, so you're a protective older brother.",  I say. "Yes.", he says. "Yes, you can talk to him. But don't scare him away.", Jay says.


Lottie walks into the room on her cell phone. I hear her say, "Love you too Adam. See you tonight." She hangs up the phone and Louis says, "So his name is Adam." "Yes.", Lottie says. "He better treat you well. If he doesn't than you need to tell me and I will kick his ass.", Louis says. "Louis!", Lottie yells. "Hey, I'm only saying that because I love you.", Louis says. "Love you too boobear.", she says.


I laugh at his nickname. "Oh, you find that funny.", Louis asks me. I nod and he asks, "Wanna know something else that's funny?" "What?", I ask. "When I tickle you until you pee yourself.", he says. I stand up and run out of the room. I hear Jay yell, "Don't break anything." Louis grabs me around the waist and drops me on the couch in the living room. He tries tickling me but I flip him off of me and onto the floor. He lands on the floor with a loud thump. I sit on his stomach and ask, "Louis, do you really think you could hold me down long enough to tickle me?" "What the hell was I thinking?", he asks with a smirk on his face. "I don't know. You can't even pin me down in training. I always win.", I say. He squints his eyes and says, "You've been fighting longer." "I know.", I say and peck him on the lips and walk back to the kitchen. "It doesn't look like Louis tickled you until you peed.", Fizzy says. "That's because he couldn't hold me down long enough to tickle me.", I say and Fizzy laughs. 

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