Forbidden Love

Alana grew up in a military family in California. She finished high school early at 16 years old and went through schooling to be a body guard. She is one of few female body guards. When she aplies for a job as a body guard for a popular boy band that she has never heard of before, One Direction. She develops feelings for Louis that she doesn't want to adress. But is her will power strong enough to keep her feelings hidden from him and everyone else?


28. Last Chapter :(

Alana's P.O.V.

I become instantly nervous as  Louis leads me into our hotel room. We decided to go to Australia for our honeymoon. As soon as Louis closes the door behind us I stretch up on my toes to kiss him. He smiles against my lips. We changed out of our tux and dress before getting on the airplane. I lift Louis' t-shirt and break away from the kiss just long enough to take his shirt off completely. He unbuttons my shirt and I pull my arms out of the sleeves, letting it fall to the floor.


He pushes me up against the wall and I break away from the kiss. "What?", he asks. "Why are we against the wall? We're just gonna end up on the bed in a minute anyway.", I ask. He whispers in my ear, "Not unless I want to bang you against the wall." I get goose bumps, I'm definitely not use to hearing him say dirty things like that. Louis seems to notice my reaction to his words and he chuckles lightly before saying, "Don't worry we're going to do it on the bed, like normal human beings. And I'm not going to bang you, I'm going to make love to you, there's a difference." Why does he have to be so perfect?


He backs away and entwines his fingers with mine. He leads me to the bed and I climb backwards onto the bed. He follows me onto the bed and hovers over me. "I promise that this time will be better than the first time. The first time I was terrified to hurt you or cause a flashback.", he whispers. He leans down and presses his lips to my neck, catching me by surprise when I realize he's going to give me a 'love bite' as he would call it. I let out a small moan as he sucks on my neck. "Louis, please just....", I whine but he cuts me off by pulling away from my neck and saying, "Love, be patient. We have all night." "I'm usually the patient one...", I mutter. Louis leans  down and kisses me softly. The rest after that is history. 


*Four Weeks Later*

Louis' P.O.V.

I walk into Ally's and my hotel room. Our honeymoon ended a little more than a two weeks ago and we're back on tour with the guys in America. As soon as I'm inside the room Ally runs from the bathroom and pulls me into a hug. "Woah, why so excited?", I ask as she pulls away from me. "You're gonna be a dad.", she states. My eyes widen. "Are you serious?", I ask, I really hope she's not just joking. "I'm completely serious, I took like ten tests and they were all saying that there is in fact a little Tomlinson growing in me.", she states. "Oh my god. I love you so much!", I say and crash my lips against hers. We pull away out of breath.


"I'll be right back.", I say and run into the hallway. "Liam, Zayn, Niall, Haz; I need to talk to you!", I yell and they slowly one by one pop their heads out of their rooms. "What?", Harry asks. "Any baby name ideas?", I ask. It takes a second for them to realize what I'm saying and they all run to our room and pull Ally and I into a bone crushing hug. "Careful not to hurt the baby!", I yell. "I'm all good, their not squishing me too much.", Ally reassures me. "Does this mean I won the bet?", Zayn asks. 


*8 Months Later*

Louis' P.O.V.

I open the door of my flat and slowly walk up to Ally and my bedroom. I open the door slowly so I don't wake her. She's lying on her back in bed sleeping with her hands on her huge stomach. I walk over to her and sit on the bed next to her. I place my hand on her stomach and feel a kick. I smile and feel the baby kicks another time. I wish I knew if it was a boy or girl but Ally wants to wait until the baby is born to know the gender. I lean down and kiss Ally's cheek.


Her eyes slowly open and she says, "Louis, you're home." "Hello, love. I didn't mean to wake you.", I say. "It's okay. I've been having a hard time sleeping lately anyway.", she says. "Well you should go back to sleep. The baby is going to be born any day now so you need your rest.", I say. "I'm not going to be able to fall back asleep.", she says and sighs.


"Are the guys in town?", she asks. "Yeah. They're staying in my old room at mum's.", I say. "I think they're going to drive your mum crazy.", she says and laughs lightly. I shrug and say, "I think she's use to them by now." I lie down next to her in bed and say, "You should get some sleep, love. I need some sleep too." She agrees and we both fall asleep. 


I'm abruptly awoken by a scream. I bolt up in bed and look at Alana. She's holding her stomach and looks like she's in a lot of pain. "Love, what's wrong?", I ask frantically. She starts breathing heavily and says, "The baby is coming." I feel the blood drain from my face and I ask, "Are you sure?" "Yes! I'm fucking sure!", she yells. I get out of bed and quickly get dressed. I try to help her stand up but that doesn't work so I just carry her out to the car. I drive as fast as I can to the hospital. I can't help but cringe every time she lets out a scream of pain.


We finally arrive at the hospital and I carry her inside the hospital. Doctors put her in a bed and bring her to a room. I hold her hand the whole time. She's screaming in pain but refuses to let the doctors give her any pain killers. The doctors tell her to push and she does. She pushes for about half an hour. Finally I hear the cry of our child. Ally is breathing hard and covered in sweat by now.


A nurse walks over with the baby in a blue blanket. "Louis, you got a boy like you wanted.", Ally says. A grin spreads across my face as I watch the little boy in my arms. He has short black fluffy hair and blue eyes. "He's beautiful.", I say proudly. "Can I hold him?", Ally asks. I pass him over to her carefully. She smiles and tears roll down her cheeks. "He's perfect.", she says. We already picked the names ahead of time. If it was a girl she would get my favorite girl name  and Ally's middle name, but since it's a boy he gets Ally's favorite boy name and my middle name. "Thomas William Tomlinson. Nope, that's not going to get you teased at all, Tommy Tomlinson. Too many Tom's in one name if you ask me. But, that is one battle I am smart enough not to pick 'cause I know mum will win.", I whisper as I play with his tiny little hand. I can't help but smile about how amazing my life has turned out to be. 

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