Forbidden Love

Alana grew up in a military family in California. She finished high school early at 16 years old and went through schooling to be a body guard. She is one of few female body guards. When she aplies for a job as a body guard for a popular boy band that she has never heard of before, One Direction. She develops feelings for Louis that she doesn't want to adress. But is her will power strong enough to keep her feelings hidden from him and everyone else?


6. Halloween Costumes

*Two days later*

Alana's P.O.V.

I hear a knock on my door. I look at my clock and it's seven in the morning and the boys don't have anything to go to until five pm. Why's is someone waking me up this early? I get out of bed and answer the door. Louis standing in front of the door smiling. "Hey, whats up?", I ask. "Hello. Well there is a Halloween party in three days and I want you to go with me.", he says. God, I haven't even noticed that it was late October already. "Um, are you sure? What if people figure things out about us?", I say quietly. "I already told Paul that I was taking you to the party because we've become good friends lately. That's what we will tell people.", he says quietly.


"Alright. Do we have to wear costumes to this party?", I ask. "Yes, that's why I'm here. We're going shopping for our costumes today with the boys so go get ready to go.", he says. "Alright, come on in here while I get ready.", I say. He steps through the doorway and I close the door behind me. I walk into the bathroom to get dressed and I yell so he can hear me through the door, "So what are you going to go to the party as?". "Well I was hoping we could go with matching costumes.", he says. "Like what?", I ask. "I don't know. Something like Cinderella and Prince Charming.", he says. I laugh and say, "There is no way you will ever get me to dress up as Cinderella.", I say. "Alright, then what do you think we should be?", he asks.  "I don't know. I haven't dressed up for Halloween since I was twelve.", I say.


We walk into the costume shop and I look around to see hundreds of clothing racks filled with costumes. The boys go off to find their costumes. Louis and I look around and Louis point out a few costumes, but most of them were to girly or too revealing.


I'm look through the racks and come across a sailor uniform. I laugh. Louis is always being teased by the guys for dressing like a sailor so it would be the funniest thing to have him dressed as for Halloween. He walks over to me and asks, "What's so funny?" I show him the sailor costume. "Yes! That's what we should go as!", he says. "Are you sure about that?", I ask with an eye brow raised. "Yes! Everybody says I always dress like one anyway!", he says. "You are so weird, Louis!", I say and laugh. He grabs the male and female sailor costumes off of the rack and pulls me towards the dressing room. He passes me the my costume and he disappears into the changing room.


Harry walks over next to me and asks, "What are you and Louis going as?" I lift up my costume and he starts laughing really hard. I can't help but laugh as well. Louis walks out of the dressing room in his costume, he looks rather sexy in it. "Alana! Go change so we can see what we look like together in our costumes!", he says excitedly. I walk into the changing room and get changed. It felt odd putting on a dress, I haven't worn one in years. I look in the mirror of the changing room and the dress isn't to short, tight, or revealing. The skirt stops just past my finger tips. The top of it isn't cut too low. The dress is navy blue and has gold buttons on the front of it. To close the back of the dress you have to tie a ribbon that runs up the back of the dress like shoelaces. And of course their is a sailors hat to wear with it.


I walk out of the changing room and Louis stops talking to Harry as soon as he see's me. "Wow. I like it.", he says while obviously checking me out. "Thanks.", I say awkwardly. He walks over to me and pulls me over to the oversized mirror on the wall. "Damn, we look good.", says Louis. I slap him on the arm jokingly. "Well we do. I think we were born to be sailors.", he says with a smirk on his face. "Well, you were.", I say. He stands in front of me and adjusts the hat on the top of my head. I really wanted to kiss him right them, but of course I can't. "Um, I'm going to go get changed." I say and walk away from Louis.


I get changed into my normal clothes and walk out of the changing room. Louis is already done changing into his normal clothes and is waiting for me. Louis pays for the costumes and we walk out of the shop. All of the boys are still looking for their costumes, but Louis texts them all saying that we are going to get coffee down the street. We order our coffees and sit down.


"Are you okay? You were acting a bit awkward in the costume shop.", he asks. "I'm fine.", I say then lean closer to him and whisper, "Do you know how hard it is to not be able to kiss you in public?" He laughs and whispers, "Was I just that sexy dressed as a sailor?" "Yes, you very much were.", I say again quietly. "I think we better get back to the hotel soon, I don't know how much longer I can go without kissing you.", he says with a cheeky grin on his face. I pick up a sugar packet off of the table and throw it at him. He laughs and throws one back at me. Louis then takes out his phone and looks at it. "The guys all got their costumes, we can go now.", he says and we leave the coffee shop.



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