Forbidden Love

Alana grew up in a military family in California. She finished high school early at 16 years old and went through schooling to be a body guard. She is one of few female body guards. When she aplies for a job as a body guard for a popular boy band that she has never heard of before, One Direction. She develops feelings for Louis that she doesn't want to adress. But is her will power strong enough to keep her feelings hidden from him and everyone else?


2. Damn it, Louis!

*Alana's P.O.V.*

The next day I move into a room in the hotel that the boys are staying at. I leave my stuff in my room and head downstairs to the pool where the boys are at. I guess they need their body guard when they are swimming. Sadly to be less noticeable I have to wear a bathing suit. I've never liked bathing suits or swimming so I didn't own one. Management ended up getting me one. Fun.


As I step into the hallway I feel someone grab my arm and try to turn me around. I grab their arm, put my arm on their chest, and push them against the wall. I look up and realize that it is Louis. I back up and he turns me around and pushes me against the wall. Before I can push him away he kisses me. I guess I got caught up in the moment and the fact that his lips were really soft and I kiss him back.


After a minute or so I realize what is happening and how wrong it is and push him away roughly. I take a deep breath, step close to him, and say quietly, "I wont do anything about it this time because I am supposed to protect you, but if you ever touch me again I swear you will end up in the emergency room." I walk away and I hear him chase after me. "Ally, wait a second.", he yells. I stop and turn around and ask, "What do you want?!" "Come on, don't try to be tough. I know you liked that kiss. We can figure something out. I like you and I want to date you.", he says. "No, Louis. I haven't even known you for a  day. I don't like you that way or at all, I'm not looking for a boyfriend, and I will lose my job. Stay away from me.", I say with tears in my eyes. Why am I crying? Why does telling him this hurt so much? "Fine. But I will not be able to forget about the fact that I want to be with you. You're beautiful, strong, sassy, and not afraid to tell people your opinion. You are what I am looking for in a girl. I am refusing to give up on you.", he says and walks away.


I make my way down to the pool. All of the boys minus Louis are already there. I sit down near them. "Alana, come swim with us.", says Harry. "I'm all set sitting over here.", I say. "That's no fun.", says Zayn. "Yeah, come swim with us!", says Niall. All of a sudden I am lifted up bridal style. I look up to see Louis' holding me. "Damn it! Louis put me down now!", I say. I could get out of his arms if I wanted to lose my job, but I guess hurting him isn't an option. "Louis, put Alana down!", says Paul. "No, she needs to learn how to have fun.", he says. "How does picking me up have anything to do with fun?", I ask rudely. He smirks and steps closer to the pool. "Don't you dare!", I say. He steps closer to the pool. I wrap my arms around his neck so he can't throw me in the pool without going in himself. I put my head on his neck and say "Louis", in a very whiney voice. He laughs and says, "Love, you don't need to cling to me, I was only going to throw you in the water." "I hate you and I hate water.", I say. The whole time my face is pressed into the side of his neck so it comes out mumbled.


He laughs and jumps in the pool while still holding me. When I pop up to the surface of the water my face is only a couple inches from him. I had the overwhelming urge to kiss him, but I denied it. I go to swim away from him but he wraps his arms around my back. "Damn it Lou! Let me go.", I say and push at his chest while trying not to stare at his chest as well. "Alana!  Come on! Cut it out! We know you're tough but you were just whining into my neck because you hate water! You aren't as tough as you look! What the hell happened to make you so damn cranky all the time?", he says. I push harder on his chest and he lets go. "Leave me alone! I know I'm screwed up but I can't help it! So leave me the hell alone!", I scream. All of the boys and Paul stare at me shocked.


I climb out of the pool and run up to my room. I slam the door. A few minutes later there is a knock on the door. "Who is it?", I yell. "It's Louis. Now open the door. I want to talk to you.", he says. I open the door. He looks sad. "What do you want?", I ask. "I want you to explain yourself to me. I want to understand you. I think you are seriously messed up and need somebody's help. I want to help you.", he says. "Louis, you need to leave now. I don't want your help. I don't want to be near you. You make me nervous and act weak. I don't need that.", I say. "Yes you do. You are just a scared girl that acts  tough to protect herself. You need to talk to someone and have someone there for you.", he says. "Louis, please leave.", I say. "Fine. But I'm still not giving up on you. You say I make you nervous and weak but maybe thats what you need.", he says and walks away. I close the door and fall to the floor in tears. I haven't cried in years but it felt great letting go of my feelings through tears. 


The next day I wake up and get ready for the boys concert. Today is the first day that I'm working as their body guard. I get dressed in black skinny jeans, combat boots, a grey tanktop, and a black leather jacket that only goes down to my belly button. I walk out to the black S.U.V. that we will be taking to the concert. Of course once I get there the only place to sit is next to Louis. He's not exactly the person I want to see today. But sadly being near him is part of my job. I sit down and look at him. "How long did you cry yesterday?", he asks me in a whisper. "What?", I ask. "You have slight tear stains on your cheeks and you were starting to tear up before I left yesterday.", he says again in a whisper. "Louis, please just stop asking me these type of questions.", I say. He's quiet for the rest of the car ride.


When we pull into the venue the screams of girls is very obvious. Before I step out of the vehicle Louis grabs my arm. "What?", I ask. "When are you going to understand that I care about you?", he asks. "Louis, I understand that you care about me but you shouldn't. We can never be together and I don't care for you the same way. I mean we barely even know each other first of all.", I say and step out of the vehicle. I am put in charge of making sure Louis gets to the building in one piece. As he greets fans I stand close by to make sure nothing happens to him. As I am looking across the crowd I notice something. There is a man pointing a gun at Louis' chest from within the crowd. I push Louis back and jump in front of him, just in time to take the bullet to my stomach. I fall to the ground, the only thing that runs through my mind is Louis, then everything goes black.

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