1D Life

All about 1D before they became famous. :D


9. Wanna go out sometime?

Louis's P.O.V

Ok, you can do this.Just ask her OK. That's  like the easiest thing in the world...I think. 'Uh...Hey Claire?' 'yeah?' 'do you wanna go out sometime?' 'Sure!' 'Cool!'. I walked away smiling like hell.

This Friday was the day we 'hanged out' i felt nervous. I was sweating like hell.


Claire's P.O.V

I was getting ready... 'What if i do something chickeny?' i asked Bella. 'Just be CAUSAL' she said. I tilted my head and looked at myself in the mirror. And smiled. I wrote in my diary

Today is the day i will be going out with my crush.Good Luck To ME!!!!!

Louis's P.O.V

I knocked at her door. Her dad opened it. 'You must be louis' he said. I just smiled nodded and said yes.I waited for her at the living room in front of her door. She opened the door and out she came...looking so beautiful, stunning, majestic, pretty. 'You ready?' i asked her. 'Yeah' she said.


At the park... we were sitting there starring at the moon. She was so beautiful, i was like starring at her the whole time. She lied down and started drifting to sleep. I looked at her again, she looked so peaceful. I wanted to tell her that i wanted to be more then just friends. I want to tell her that i love her. But i'm just to shy and i don't know why.

I carried her home and her dad carried her to her room.

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