1D Life

All about 1D before they became famous. :D


8. The Kidnapping

Claire's P.O.V

'I can't believe she's i felt happy...But at the same time i felt very sad for her.Before she got kidnapped, she had a conversation with me.'

Me:Hey! Your not suppose to be in there!

Liz:Nobody gives a shit

Me:Get out of here! SCAT!

'That was the last time i saw her.'I told the police officer. The officer just said thank you for your time and i got out of there. I wonder where she is.


???'s P.O.V

'HEY YOU' i said She was waking up good.

Liz's P.O.V

I opened my eyes and saw a guy...FELIX?! 'WTF DO YOU WANT FELIX?!'I screamed at him. 'SHUT UP WHORE' His shouts were so....scary. It had a scary tone...Its not like him. 'NOW...YOU THINK YOUR SO COOL DO YOU?! YOUR NOT REALLY THAT POWERFUL YOU KNOW, JUST SO YOU KNOW... YOUR A SLUT!!!' I was crying... then i noticed that i was cold...and naked.

'Now u have to be my slave...or i will hurt you' He threatened me.You have to find a way to get Claire for me. Or break Louis and Claire apart.And now, you have to call me sir. 'Yes sir' i said 'Good' he said looking at me up and down.


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