1D Life

All about 1D before they became famous. :D


4. She doesn't know


Nialls P.O.V

Right after class,  walked up to my best friend. 'HI DO YOU STILL REMEMBER ME' i said with a loud voice. The boys said hi to, 'Wassup?' 'HI!' 'i missed you!' 'do you know us?'. She turned around, 'uh...who are you?' she said to me. 'its me? Niall?'. '...... i don't know you'. She turned around and i saw a scar on her head almost hidden by her beautiful long hair.

I went to her friend Claire and asked her, 'why doesn't she know me?' 'I don't know? She told me her dad told her that she was in a car crash which made her lose her memories'. I turned around and looked at my best friends, Zayn,Louis,Liam and Harry. 'what am i gonna do now?' i asked them. 'You gotta convince her or whatever' said Zayn. 'WIN HER HEART' said Harry. 'YEAH!' said Liam.

'Did any of you notice that her friend was a bit cute?' Louis said cheekily. 'OOOH!' all of us started teasing him and told him he could win her heart to.

'You got one chance, Formal at the end of this year' decided Liam.....



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