1D Life

All about 1D before they became famous. :D




Niall's P.O.V

Lunch, the best time of school. I was just about to turn around to talk to Isabella, but then... 'Hey isabella?' I turned around and saw her with Felix, the biggest jerk. And the cutest guy, to the girls. I'm probably the 9676th cutest guy in the school.BTW, Felix was talking to her and my head was gonna burst. I could feel my...um...  MUSCLES GOING EVERYWHERE.I was like trying to distract her, If I was her she would probably be hearing random bla,bla,blas coming from me....


Felix's P.O.V

What The Hell? What is Niall doing behind her? Trying to distract my Isabella? I'M GONNA STOMP YOUR ASS! ~Recess~ I walked up to that Irish boy,or Niall. 'What were you doing with my girlfriend?' 'your girlfriend?' 'well... she will be and your not getting in my way.Get it chump?' 'whatever...' 'oh, by the way your clothes look horrible, did you went for a mud bath or something?' ' i didn't ask for your oppinion, so scat!' '>:( i'll get you someday'


Claire's P.O.V

At lunch, I was walking down the stairs and heard Felix talking loud to Niall, 'i'll get you someday'. That sounded weird... I hope everythings okay with Niall. I was with Isabella at the toilet, 'Hey Izzy? Is Felix your new boyfriend or something?' 'no, why would you say that?' 'oh cause i heard a gossip that you were in a relationship with him.' 'NO WAY. HE'S BREATH SMELLS LIKE ONIONS' 'Well im glas...Did you know Nialls kinda getting bullied by Felix?' 'No, why should i care?' 'i don't know...don't you think you and him might've met before you accident?' 'no' 'oh well...(,'-',)

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