1D Life

All about 1D before they became famous. :D


6. Claire and Louis

~Louis's P.O.V~

I saw Claire at lunch without Isabella, she was sitting at a bench. Alone. I walked up to her trying to think of something cool to say. 'Waddup dog?'.I walked up to her and said 'do you like corndogs?'WHAT?' 'Oh....nothing....are you single?' 'no, i have a guy named.... actually, never mind' 'why? i can keep secrets' I said with puppy dog eyes. 'Fine...he's name is Harry'. 'wha-' 'oh i have to go , bye'. I walked away thinking- WHAT THE HELL? HARRY HAS A GIRLFRIEND? WHY? HE'S FACE LOOKS LIKE...... LIKE..... never mind. I decided to turn around and follow Claire. She walked down the hallway. Infront of her was a guy. I couldn't see his face, but i was sure he was a guy. He had curly hair , ITS HARRY! I walked to her, well i didn't go to her i walked past her to see who was that bitch. It turned out to be Jason another guy in my maths class.Oh well it was an innocent mistake, BTW after a few minutes i walked up to her and talked. Well, after he left. 'Who's that guy?' 'my bf' 'really? but i see him everyday with a girl' 'that girl is me' 'no she had blonde hair'.Her face turned red. BRIGHT RED. It was kinda scary seeing her like this.


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