1D Life

All about 1D before they became famous. :D


16. A christmas miracle!

For Christmas Niall decided to take me to thailand and visit factories to appreciate the people that make the band merch. We hit thm on the head a few times each to share our grace and we left.

It was suddenly midnight  when Niall and I saw snow falling around us in a romantic outdoor place.

"NiallI luv u boo" I screamed into his face a little bit too passionately.

and he impressively screeched back "ye mi t2 bae". WOw Niall confessed his love for me and called me boo. I cried with joy but the night wasn't over yet Niall romantically smashed my face (w kisses lol) and he looked so hot he even had pink anime eyes, wow a christMAS MIRACLE !!!!

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