Always be together

Four friends (Perrie, Jade, Jesy and Leigh-Anne) friendship is tested when a very dark secret between them is revealed, friendships are tested. Will they stay together as friends or will they separate forever?


2. Chapter 1


"Hey Perrie did you get the homework for ms. Jones yet." Jade says opening her locker.

"No you know i never do work in there." Perrie says laughing.

"Leigh what did you get the work." Jade says getting her math book out her locker.

"Yeah here." Leigh says grabbing her English work out her notebook.

"Hey i need us to have an emergency meeting after school i got something to say." Jesy says playing with her fingers.

"Why can't you say it here?" Perrie said looking curious.

"Its...... Personal." Jesy says playing with her hair.


(Note from author: I am skipping all the school stuff 'cause it is boring:P)


After school......

"Hey Jesy what you wanna talk to us about." Perrie says sitting down on the couch beside Jade.

"Urm.... umm..." Jesy says studdering.

"Come on girl spit it out you can trust us." Leigh says patting Jesy on the back.

"Umm..." Jesy says studdering again.

"Jesy are you okay what happened." Perrie says now really concerned.

"You remember Jake right." Jesy says wiping a tear.

"Oh my gosh what happened did he try to hurt you again i swear i am going to kick his butt." Perrie said sounding really ticked off.

"No i think.... i think..." Jesy says crying.

"Oh no Jesy are you pregant." Leigh says worried.

"I think so i have been throwing up alot lately... I don't know for sure though." Jesy says trying to sound calm.

"Come on we have to go to the store to get you tested." Perrie says grabbing her purse.

(Note from author: I am going to skip to when they are back home)

"Okay Jesy do you know how to use this." Leigh says reading the box.

"Yeah i wanna be alone for this."  Jesy says.



5 minutes later..........

"Guys it came out negative." Jesy says smiling.

All of the girls pulled Jesy into the biggest hug ever.

"Okay while we are telling secrets i need to tell you guys something." Perrie says serious.

"Okay what's up." Jesy says.

"You know Zayn right." Perrie says smiling.

"Yeah that sexy football player for 3rd period what about him."

"Well me and him have been talking lately and i think it is offical." Perrie says smiling

All the girls jaws dropped to the floor except Perrie's. 

"What's that for? You don't think i have game." Perrie says.

All the girls laugh.

"Guys i have something to say to." Leigh says.

"Sure girl what's up."

"Well...... I got into a little arguement with Tina again and i put her in the hospital." Leigh says smiling.

"Wow you are so bad."

"Well the problem is she thinks that it was someone else not me so no one tell anyone." Leigh says.

"Sure we won't tell anyone."

"Okay did everyone get all their secrets out." Perrie says.


"Everything we said here to day stays her understand." Jesy says serious



The girls didn't know but Tina was there at Jade's house recording their whole converstation.

"That little b**** is the one that beat me up... All her friends are gonna get it. Opps i just sent everyone in school that video." Tina says laughting evily


Author note

Is this good so far? Please comment below with feed back. What will happen when the girls get back to school and find out that everyone knows their secrets? Will Tina get what she deserves? Will Zayn and Perrie work out? Tune in next week for chapter 2:)


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