*Entry for the Sony Young Movellas Awards*

Carving symbols. This is usual for Halloween. But in pumpkins. Not people.

Dr Kayla Dymond and Detective Matthew Evans are the worlds youngest detective/pathologist duo. They've solved countless murders by the ages of 16 and have now been summoned to help solve the greatest mass murder case of the 21st century.

Could this be the work of a single man or a massive cult?


7. Chapter 7

"Daniel Lester, aged 27, was a member of an unknown cult, and he was most likely killed by them." Matt stood in front of a glass notice board, covered with notes of the case and photos of victims. He was addressing the police force and forensic team about said case. "His neck was cut like the others, and has mutilation. A word though, instead of symbols." He pointed to five of the officers in front of him. "Can you five look for Pagan cults in London and Wiltshire?" He looks at five other officers and asked them " Can you look for friends of Lester who may have been a member of this cult and the forensic team, an you try to ID the other 3 victims please? Oh, and Kayla, I need to talk to you." 

"Just about to say the same thing." Kayla said, walking over to Matt and handing him her phone. "Just got a off Grace. Lester has a tattoo."

"So?" Matt asked before looking at the tattoo.

It was an elaborate pentagram, with weird words surrounding it. 'Κύκλος Αθήνας'

"Umm, what does that say?"

"It's Greek for Athena's Circle."

"Oh, ok. So is that the name of the cult."

"Most likely. Ask the officers to search it." He complied, walked over to the aforementioned officers to ask them to search the name. He then walked back to Kayla who asked, "What did you want to talk to me about?"

"Oh, right. Are you busy tonight?"

"Not particularly. Why?"

"Well it is your 16th birth-"

"No. No no no no no."

"Why not?" Matt whined. "You aren't 16 everyday y'know!"

"No. Just for 365 days."

"Stop being so pessimistic Kay."

"I'm not. We have a case to do, and to be honest I don't want anyone else dying like this."

"Well neither do I, but Josh is having a Halloween party tonight, and I got you a costume and everything!"

"Josh? As in Joshua Wheeler?"


Kayla thought for a moment, before saying. "No."

"Why not?" Came the childish response.

"I hate him. Is that a good enough answer?"

"Oh, come on. He isn't as bad as he was in school. Ad that was 5 years ago."

"No I'm not going."

"Fine." Matt said, his inner child still showing. He slowly stalked over to her, promptly grabbed her by the waist and picked her up. "C'mon," he said "Let's go!"

Kayla squealed. "Put me down right now! Matt, put me down!"

"Nope. Now come on, we need to get ready!" Kayla struggled against his strength before giving up, knowing that she wouldn't win against his strength.

"Come on then. But you're carrying me the entire way."

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