*Entry for the Sony Young Movellas Awards*

Carving symbols. This is usual for Halloween. But in pumpkins. Not people.

Dr Kayla Dymond and Detective Matthew Evans are the worlds youngest detective/pathologist duo. They've solved countless murders by the ages of 16 and have now been summoned to help solve the greatest mass murder case of the 21st century.

Could this be the work of a single man or a massive cult?


5. Chapter 5

"Dr Kayla Dymond and Dr Grace Thompson performing an autopsy on and unidentified female victim." Kayla said clearly into the microphone hanging above the autopsy table. "Her clothes have been taken off and sent to the lab for analysis. Cause of death looks like blood loss at first glance. The autopsy will prove it. Major mutilation is covering the entire body, including her face. I think he won't be identified by any relatives."

"Well, we can try and do a DNA test." Grace said, getting a cotton swab and swabbing the inside of her mouth. "I'll also get her fingerprints." She added, putting the swab in a container.

"Yeah, but do that after the autopsy." Kayla said, picking up a spotless silver scalpel. "Right now I'm just going to cut her open. Matt, do you wanna leave?" She continued, raising her head and looking at her best friend.

"Why would I want to leave?" Matt asked, looking rather shocked at his best friend.

"Y'know. Last time you observed an autopsy you fainted."

"What? No I didn't." He said adamantly.

"4th October 2012, about 3:36pm. I was performing an autopsy on a murder victim, named Jordan Evans. Before I'd even finished the y incision, you had fainted. Do you have a phobia of blood?"

"Pft, no! And that never happened."

"Yes it did." Kayla snapped, holding the scalpel in her hand like a pen. "Oh, well, if you faint, you faint." She muttered, making the first cut.

The y incision had been made, Kayla peeled back the skin and flesh to reveal a bloody rib cage, and pierced organs.

Matt's usual bright sparkly blue orbs had lost their sparkle when they met this horrendous sight. His already wide pupils dilated and his eyelids slipped shut. A loud clatter arose from where he'd been standing.

As Kayla said, he had fainted. Without even looking up from the body Kayla grinned and mumbled "Told you so."


"Ok, three down, one more to go." Kayla mumbled, tying a knot on the thread used to tie the y incision together. She moved over to the final body. "Dr Kayla Dymond performing an autopsy on an unidentified male. Clothes have been removed and sent to the lab for analysis. COD is blood loss and not as much mutilation as the last few times. Only the word 'betray' has been carved into the body." Kayla sighed before adding "I know this may cause controversy, but I don't think one person is responsible for this."

Grace turned around quickly, confusion contorting her brow. "What do you mean?"

"Well, this person here has scratch marks all up his hand. And we found skin under the first victim's fingernails. I bet it belongs to him."

"I'll test it, but how can that prove that more than one person is responsible. I mean, we found skin under the other two's as well"

"We'll only find his skin under her nails. He was killed before the other two."


"You heard."

"Ok, so what were you saying would cause controversy?"

"I believe this is the work of a cult."

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