*Entry for the Sony Young Movellas Awards*

Carving symbols. This is usual for Halloween. But in pumpkins. Not people.

Dr Kayla Dymond and Detective Matthew Evans are the worlds youngest detective/pathologist duo. They've solved countless murders by the ages of 16 and have now been summoned to help solve the greatest mass murder case of the 21st century.

Could this be the work of a single man or a massive cult?


2. Chapter 2

The bag was zipped up and placed in the van. It would only take a few minutes to get to the precinct, but Kayla was intent on doing further examination of the supposed crime scene. She knew that the area where the victim was found had been thoroughly examined but not the alley ways near by.

Slipping down a dark alley she noticed a painting on the wall. 'Most probably a graffiti tag' she thought, but all the same she pulled out a torch and examined the tag. At first glance it was a star, likely to be from a girls gang, but when she looked closer she noticed it. It was a pentagram, just like the ones carved into the body. As her forest green eyes wandered to the concrete floor they widened in shock. It was wet with blood. She pointed the torch at the floor, her black boots now red, and promptly left to get Matt and a camera.

Walking fast from the alley way she went straight to the tent. "Anyone know where Matt is?"

"Precinct." An officer replied.

"Dammit..." Kayla muttered to herself, frowning. "Well, does anyone have a camera?"

"Yes." The same officer replied. "Here." 

"Thanks." She said, taking the camera and going to walk out the tent.

"Wait, why do you need a camera?"

"I found something." She said. "A pentagram tag. And blood." She added, pointing to her blood soaked boots.

"Oh. Shall I call Matthew?"

"Yes please. I'm gonna get a couple of photos." She said, leaving the tent and running back to the alleyway.


10 photographs and a few blood and paint samples later she'd left the alley and walked back to the precinct.

First stop, the lab.

"Hello Kayla." Said Dr Grace Thompson, Kayla's co-worker. Grace had white blonde hair, which contrasted with her black eyes. She was the usual age for a forensic pathologist, at 29, and had just joined the team that July.

"Hey Grace." She replied, getting out the blood and paint samples.

"What's that?"

"You know the Halloween murders that happens every year?"

"It's started again?"

Kayla sighed, then nodded. "Yep. And this year will be the last."

"I hope so."

"Yeah. So do you know where Matt is?"

"Umm...I think he's in the office."

"Ok, thank you." She said, sighing once more and promptly leaving the lab.

Do you hear the people sing, singing the song of angry men? 

It is the music of a people who will not be slaves aga-

Kayla heard her ringtone - Do you hear the people sing? from her favourite musical Les Miserables - And hurridly picked it up. "Dr Dymond."

 "Kayla. It's Matt. We have a situation." Matt said, rushing his words.


"We have three more victims."

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