The class A Team

Jessica grew up in a small town in Colorado but found herself on the corners of NYC. She always wanted to make something of herself in a city like that. She knew her morals but had to put them aside to make ends meet. She couldn't afford a phone, or cable but she made it through the days. Her father sends her money every month to help her but she meets one client and falls in love. Does he feel the same? Does he help her with the needs? What happens?


1. Way of life.

"Show yourself out." He said wrapping his arms around me kissing my neck as I slipped on the torn coat that's lasted me the past few years to keep me warm.

"Where's the money?" I ask putting the heels that were thrown off before the moments I dreaded to share with anyone I wasn't married to. I was never "proud" of my job but it paid for what I needed.

"Jessica, it's on the dresser as always." He says grabbing my arms a little tighter, trying to make the embrace stronger. I cringe as he says my name. I had a different name on the streets, JT.

I walk slowly over to the dresser, slapping my hand on top of the money and walking out slowly. Yes, I was screaming on the inside to make a run for it but I needed the business to stay alive. It drives the men crazy.

I finally get out of the apartment to begin the "Walk of Shame" but I'm use to it. I wouldn't call myself a slut. I'd prefer a prostitute to save up money to make something of herself.

Tomorrow afternoon I had a job interview, to be a waitress. It wasn't what I hoped for but it was a start.
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