War Broken Woman

A woman who is waiting for her husband, who is out on the battlefield. For the contest, please like, read and comment!


1. War Broken Woman

Things are not the same
Ever since he's been gone
The light is never quite bright enough
The curtains never fully open
I am losing a part of me
That I never even noticed;
No longer can I picture his eyes
Bright, shining eyes
Blossoming with fresh tears
As he steps away

Where has my darling gone?
Over the seas, they say
Across the border, further and further
From me.
The battle rages on, lives taken
I go to sleep with gunfire ringing in my ears
Letters stand by the fire, triumphant
Splattered with mud and water
A ray of hope

Forward! is the way,
Or so I'm told
The mere thought of my beloved
Out there in the fields
Sacrificing his soul
It hurts, like a wound without a remedy
All I can do is watch and wait
Keeping faith at every turn

Come home soon.

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