Imagine this...<3

If you love the boys, Niall, Louis, Zayn, Harry and Liam, try imagining this....


1. Niall's Imagine...<3



So you and Niall are really close and have been friends since year two, when you were on a school trip and he was copying your quiz answers!...


Anyway Niall and the boys have the BRIT'S tonight and all the boys have dates but Niall doesn't. So when Niall came home back to the house he asked you if you wanted to go and of course you said yes. As soon as he asked you, you went out to buy a dress and shoes. Your dress was black with a lace top, it was tight and quite short. The shoe's were very high and had a little bow on the sides which matched your little shoulder bag. Your hair was bunched up on the top of your head. Niall admitted you looked beautiful and sexy. Throughout the night he kept giving you mixed signals. Does he like you or not? Your wondering if you should admit your love to him at the end of the night but your not sure if you should...


So it's the end of the BRIT'S and you and Niall are walking up to the room your sharing in the hotel. Your expecting to find two single beds but no. You unlock the door and let Niall in before you, he stands there with his mouth opened wide. Instead of asking what's wrong you look in front and see a bug double bed in the middle of the room.

"Oh no."

"i know, what are we meant to do about this?" he asked un-sure...

"well were good friends lets just share the bed?" you ask him.

"yeah ok" 

You forgot to bring your pyjamas so Niall lends you a t-shirt and some sorts. You lay in bed and cover yourself with the thick warm soft duvet. He lays on the opposite side and starts humming "One way or another... im gonna getcha getcha getcha ....." you smiled like a cheesey cheese puff. He leans over towards you and put his arm on yuor back moving it lower and lower pinching your bum. "Oh" you  screeched. He laughed uncontrollably. "I love you i always have and always will." he whispered in my ear.   

So then your just lying there you can't think what to say then you burst out " I love you two and have well since ive known you Niall." 

He climbs out of bed on one knee and says "be my girlfriend?" " yes, yes, yes".

He shuffled back right next to you and started un-dressing you, you turn around and smile...


And thats the start of your new life:)...x



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