Imagine this...<3

If you love the boys, Niall, Louis, Zayn, Harry and Liam, try imagining this....


2. Louis's Imagine...<3



You and Louis have been together for 3 years and it is your anniversary tonight. He is taking you out for a surprise but won't tell you what and where. He said dress up nice and bring the camera. You wear a black dress with rounded studs on the top down to the top of your waist it is tight and has a small thrill around the joint of the top half and the bottom half. It come between your knee and hips so it is quite short. You have a bright blue shoulder bag to match the shoes which are bright blue and very high. They are laced up at the front and have a black heel. Your ready and waiting for louis who comes out in a smart but casual suit. 

"you ready?" he gestured pointing towards the door.

"yep" you nodded.

"lets go" he opens the door.

you walk out finding a limo outside the door. You are amazed.

"WOW! this really is a surprise.

"i know now get it else we'll be late"

So when your sitting in the limo Louis keeps whispering to the driver. Your guessing its about the plans.  The limo stops and you get out in front of you is the biggest restaurant in the hole of London and the most expensive. You walk in and there is a very long line but the owner signals to the waiter to lead us to the front. They leaded you both to the corner of the room where there was a small table with a rose in the middle with candles. You sat down and ordered food. Then before you know it Louis went to the toilet and only took like 45 seconds when he got back he rummaged through  his coat. When he turned around he smiled at you like when you two first met. 

*gets down on one knee* He reached into his pocket and in his hand he had a little box and looked up to you and di a huge cheeky grin. 

"Will you marry me?" 

"Yes. Yes. Yes."

He stood up and so did you and he picked you up and span you around everyone in the room cheered and shouted congratulations. "Right then that's the first bit of the surprise but i planned something else, come on."

"What know?"

He led you back out the restaurant and into the limo. It was about another 15 minutes drive round the corner to the park you two met each other in. The moon was lighting the hole of the park up ad you took a short walk into the middle the was a small blanket and a picnic basket. "What's this?" you ask after turning and smiling at him.

"Well we didn't get to eat at the restaurant so I had this planned a moonlit picnic. You always said you wanted to have one so here you go" he smiled and sat down on the blanket. He tapped the space next to him. You sit down and eat the picnic. Later after you've finished you lay on your backs next to each other clasping hands and stare up at the stars.  Eventually you both get tired so go back to the house and o to sleep.


The end.

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