New Life

A girl called Holly with bright red hair, she hated one direction! but her best friend Charlotte loved them! and she got tickets for their concert? Holly has to go too, what will happen? will she meet them? will she still hate them?will she love any of them? find out in this movella 'New Life'


2. The day before the concert

Holly's POV:


So yeah today we will have to pack and get our stuff ready for the Little Mix concert.

I even know what I will be wearing! probably my white shorts as its summer! My little Mix Pink to and my purple hoodie because it might get a little cold at night!

okay now I will see how I will have my hair for tomorrow! I'm so excited! 

After I noticed my phone flash with a bright blue color!

From Charl xx to Holly ;)

Heya! coming over mine I can't pick the clothes for tomorrow! :( HELP! :'(xx

From Holly ;) to Charl xx

I'll be there in minutes ;)xx

----------1 minute and 58 seconds later----------


*KNOCK KNOCK* I knocked on Charlotte's door

Then I heard the door open and in a second of time I saw Charlotte all in tears with her blonde hair and eyes all in tears with her mascara all smudged! and her blue eyes flashing!

"Whats wrong?" I asked her

"N...N...  I...I...I'm just   ca.....n't the st....uff  f...F...for tomorrow!" she cried then I seriously felt like laughing! but I'm not that horrible!

"Okay so should we pick something then for you?" I said with a huge smile on my face to cheer her up

She nodded while wiping her tears in her hands and making her mascara to smudge more.

----------After a while-----------

Finally we found the stuff for her to wear! she picked black shorts, blue top and a Grey hoodie.

"so what top are you going to wear?" Charlotte asked me


Charlotte's POV:


 "so what top are you going to wear?" I asked Holly

"the pink Little Mix one!" I replied

"You.....umm.... cvan't!" 

"and why's that?" holly's got confused 

I can't! I dont want her to look like a idiot with it as it will be one direction concert! and we'll be in the front row! plus somehow I got backstage pass for us!

"well you should wear the other pink one with the diamond on it that make 'xoxo' I think?" I had to make up something

"Oh yeah it looks stunning!" 

Yes I made her not to wear it! I'm so amazing! well but she will get mad at me anyway because its ONE DIRECTION! not LITTLE MIX! happily the both concerts are in the same day and she will spot it after she already got it? I mean come on! its front row and backstage pass! plus is a one direction concert! Its a lot of girls dram to have it! Exept.... Holly which she hates them with no reason!

--------after they packed--------

"Okay i'll see you tomorrow? before the concert okay?" I said with a smile on my lips

"Okay bye!" Holly waved at me.


arthurs note:

hey! hope y'all like my new movella? :) well an you all please like, favourite and feedback? it would mean so much :) btw check my other movella? called 'truth or dare?' Thanks for reading my movellas hope y'all having fun reading them all? :)


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