New Life

A girl called Holly with bright red hair, she hated one direction! but her best friend Charlotte loved them! and she got tickets for their concert? Holly has to go too, what will happen? will she meet them? will she still hate them?will she love any of them? find out in this movella 'New Life'


3. Concert day!

arthurs note: hey guys I thought bout it and realised that i should carry on with this story!:D


Holly's POV:

OH MY GOD I can't wait 'till the concert! this is the day i've been waiting for in ages! today I finally will get to see Little Mix!

I looked at my phone and realised it already was 8am! I quickly jumped out of bed and Done my hair and make up! after I went to my wardrobe and had to pick what top should i wear? It's either the little mix one,the pink 'xoxo' one or the blue one with a 'superman' logo on it?i decided I should take the superman one! I really wanted to have the little mix one though so much! But Charlotte didn't like it!


After I heard a knock on the door and quickly ran downstairs to see who it was? I slowly opend the door and realised it was Charlotte! I looked at my phone to see the time and realised it was already 10am! so we only have 30min to the start! 


Charlotte's POV:

I called the taxi and in a matter of minutes it was already here! I quickly jumped in the car realising that Holly was still inside I quickly told him the adress of One Direction's concert, not little mix one! then he was 'bout to go but I told him to stop for a bit and wait for my friend. Holly got in and there off we go! Today I will finally meet One Direction! 


In a bit we were already there firstly Taylor swift was sining 'I knew you were trouble' I never liked her! I swear that she sounded like a daying cat! (A/N: SO SORRY IF YOU LIKE HER:'( I DIDNT MEAN TO CAUSE ANY OFFENCE THAT IS JUST THE CHARACTER IN MY STORY IM SO SO SO SORRY IF I DID THOUGH:'( LOVE YOU ALL!) Happily Holly still didn't realise it wasn't little mix concert! I swear she would kill me! 


"Charlotte?!" Holly asked me

"Yup?" I replied

"This isn't little mix concert is it?"

"corse it is!" I fake smiled

" NOW WELCOME ONE DIRECTION!" the loud speaker went on

"OH YEAH! I will kill you when we will get back home!" Holly Laughed

OUCH! I bet you she's not saying it for real though!


then One direction started sining


Up all night 

live while we're young

Little things

then what makes you beaudiful and all the girls went screaming Harry pulled his hand up to Holly I got so suprised as she hates them but Harry Styles put Holly up on stage! while sining 'what makes you beaudiful to her!!! okay I addmit that I was getting qite jelous!


Holly's POV:

I was just standing there waiting for this whole joke to finish! then I realised that the curly boy gaved me his hand and pulled me up on stage, and yeah that curly one is the one I hate the most I didn't even bother to look up on him I just don't like him! so I was just standing there on stage without a smile looking at my shoes. Then I realised a pair of hands wraping around me and yeah again it was that curly one! I lituarly thought I gona throw up! He lituarly made me sick! I just looked forward for it to be over like now! I wish!


after a couple well more than a couple of songs it was over and i was lituarly just about to go until someone grabbed my wrist... 

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