New Life

A girl called Holly with bright red hair, she hated one direction! but her best friend Charlotte loved them! and she got tickets for their concert? Holly has to go too, what will happen? will she meet them? will she still hate them?will she love any of them? find out in this movella 'New Life'


4. Backstage

Holly's POV:

after a couple well more than a couple of songs it was over and i was lituarly just about to go until someone grabbed my wrist. I looked back and realised it was Charlotte! "We still have backstage passes!" she smiled and gently pulled my wrist towards her. I fially gaved up and decided to come there with her even though I couldn't stand One Direction! I never known what Char seen in them? 


After a while we were already backstage. Wish this Horror would end quickly! Charlotte went quickly up to Louis because he was her favourite and yes, I only have known Louis' name because of Char she has always talked about him! Then I realised that the curly one comed up to me. 

"Hey!" said curly

"Hi" I said without any emotions.

"So didn't you like it on the stage?" He smiled.

"You know what? Absolutly..." I made a pause for a effect "NOT!" I shouted at him.


Harry's POV:

 "You know what? Absolutly..." , "NOT!" She shouted at me. Why didn't she like it? What was wrong with her? All the other girls would kill themselves just to be in her place! 

"Aw whys that?" I then had an unhappy face expression on.

"Just Don't like One direction CURLY!" She shouted at me, And yeah then that made me want her. 

"You don't have to like us, Just plese try get to know me better?" I winked at her.

"Ummm...Nope! I'm fine curly don't want a stupid pop star using me!" She shouted again.

"I won't use you! And by the way my names Harry!" I smiled.

"Whatever I have to go now. Bye curly!" She becomed more calm now. 


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