New Life

A girl called Holly with bright red hair, she hated one direction! but her best friend Charlotte loved them! and she got tickets for their concert? Holly has to go too, what will happen? will she meet them? will she still hate them?will she love any of them? find out in this movella 'New Life'


1. I got the tickets!

Holly's POV:

Yesss! finaly we're ment to go to see Little Mix!

After i noticed charlotte  running up to me, She probbibly had the tickets! But she wasn't a big fan of them? so I don't know why she was so excited.

"I got the tickets OMG I got the tickets!" She yelled

"OMG you got the tickets for Little Mix?!


Charlotte's POV:

"OMG you got the tickets for Little Mix?" Holly asked. 

WAIT? Little Mix? OOPS I thought she loved One Direction and she wanted the tickets for their concert?

"EH yeah" I lied 

Well thats the only way for her to love them as much as I do! okay I know you shouldn't lie but thats something ealse right?


arthurs note:

hey, hope y'all like my new movellas :) please like, favourite and feedback :) it would meen so much to me :)x



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