Falling In To Trouble

Falling from the sky, to falling in to trouble.


1. Trouble on Earth.

My long white hair flows in the wind as I walk on the path to heaven. My one and only father ahead of me, bringing me to a challenge. A soft, white gown was slung around my tall body. White. Everything was white. White clouds, white path, white sky. Small people are below me, yet everything is vivid so I can't see. My vision has clouded and white spots caused me to stumble all over the soft path. Soon a voice rises and lurs me closer. "Hailey." It whispers. "Come closer." It must be father. My legs carry me to him, in the glowing garden of dream. One single red rose stood out on the white bush full of pure white roses. He turns to look at me, a blank expression on his face. His white long robe blends with the surrounding trees and grass. A big white gate keeps us from meeting. It opens and closes as I walk in to the garden everything takes colour. Blooming flowers appear at my bare feet, turning a purple tint. A floresent green forest surrounds my body, a coblestone path awaits my presence. My father awaits at the end, with the red rose in his hand. My eyes catch sight of the now blue and cloudless sky above me. Birds chirp and carry a crown of vines and yellow daisys. It is placed on my head and nots in to my white crinkly curls.

"How are you?" He asks, a bird lands on the palm of his hand singing a bird song.

"I'm fine, what is the emergency?" I walk to the end of the path. A beautiful waterfall drops to the ends of where ever and steam arises to the sky.

"I need you to help me with a problem." His calm tone speaks. Eye brows furrow in seriousness.

"With what? The garden looks perfect."

His face drops and his eyes squint at the bright sun. "It's not a problem here." He speaks in sorrow. "It's down there." He points to the florecent waterfall.

"On earth?" My heart drops to what it feels like, the pit of my stomach. The bottomless waterfall ends in earth.

"Yes... It seems that our last angel had died last night." His voice was painfull to my soul. "He was killed by a demon from hell." A single tear fell down my cheek. I knew that man. He was a close friend.

"I- I can't go to earth... Its much to dangerous. Why can't you send someone else? I am not ready!" My voice trembles at the thought.

"Angel's are supposed to be fearless." His face is serious now. A butterfly flutters by me ear, whispering a greeting. Soon a whole swarm of butterfly's flutter over and begin lifting me towards the sky. My father looks up and hands me the rose. "You have no choice. Here, this rose will keep you safe. When it dies, I will bring you home. I promise you will be safe. But I cannot look out for you." His voice drifted away soon as I was flown over the waterfall and dropped down to earth. The colours dissapear as I fall from grace deeper down the waterfall to earth. The steam is cleansing through my becoming body.

Wondering thoughts explode in my mind. My father carrying me home from a walk. My journey to heaven. Vivid images appear in my confused brain and voices swarm around me. "It's okay to be afraid." Repeated throughout the fall.

Soon my eyes glance below me. A sky with many clouds, are torn with my falling body.  Bright, blooming tree's appear below. A woodsy scent fills my nostrils. The sky is bright and blooming with light. The sound of a big splash echoes through my ears. Soon I am head to toe soaked with fresh, warm water. My body drops to the very bottom of the deep pool. My hair spreads in each direction and my breathing is congested.

I am now a human.

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