Falling In To Trouble

Falling from the sky, to falling in to trouble.


3. Staying Comfy

My body was laid down slowly on a soft pillow-like matress. With eyes to tired to move I drifted back to sleep on the comfortable surface. My arms wrapped around my legs as I hugged myself for warmth. Hairs stood up on every inch of my body. With the new cold temperature in my body, my eyes shot open to look around for another blanket. No wonder I was so frozen... The blanket was gone. I sit up to find that Zayn is across the tent, staring at me intently. I look down at myself to see my pajamas were gone. I must have kicked them off in my sleep.

"Have a good sleep?" He asks smirking. "Yes, but what time is it?" I reply squinting to see him in the dark. He reaches for something in his pants pocket, then pulls out a glowing object. "It is...." He squints himself to see what was on the object. "It is Three O'clock in the morning." A heavenly laugh falls from his mouth as he puts the device down. "How long was I asleep?" My sleepy eyes need to be rubbed as I sit up from my slumber. "About two hours." He answers and crawls a bit closer to me so we're on the same matress now. "Ok, whats that glowing thing you had?" My question was normal I suppose, yet he looked at me with a weird face. "That's my phone... You've never seen a phone before?" "Not one like that." He reaches for it again and takes it in his hands. "This is my cell phone. I can take it anywhere I want." The 'phone' brightens and the time appears in big bold letters. They were white, like my fathers robe... "It's very pretty." My eyes soon became firmiliar with the brightness and adjusted. Zayn snickered again. "It is. Just like you." His hand is under my chin, raising my head to look him in the eyes. "Rose, can I kiss you?" His voice sounds of want and pleade. I slowly nod in exceptance, not sure of what to think.

With my heart pounding at six million beats per minute and Zayns minty and beer smelling breath in my face, I close my eyes waiting for the best of worst. Never have I ever kissed someone other than my father of my mum... It was my first time kissing Zayn. After this, we will share more moments like this one. As simple as that, thoughts arose out of nothing and I started to wonder what my father would think. I am the eyes of heaven at the moment. So, I guess all of the angels are watching me share an intimate moment with a practical stranger. Soon I forget when Zayn proceeds.

In an instant his soft, pink lips are on mine. He places his hands on my cheeks to deepen the embrace. I walk on my knees to get closer, and wrap my legs around his torso. Zayn seems to like this. He topples us over. Now on top of me, Zayn licks my bottom lip, in need of entrance to my mouth. I except as his tongue explores my mouth, caresses my tongue, and still manages to keep an amazing kiss going. I don't know why, but I have this feeling in the pit of my stomach. It wants Zayn... I want Zayn. His hands leave my cheeks and one goes to my bum, squeezing it, and the other trails to the side of my head on the pillow to keep himself up. With my hands free, they travel to his hair and fist it. All of a sudden he stops... Why is he stopping? The moment is wonderful.

"I can't." He sits back up and turns so I can't see his face. "But... Why?" Tears come to my eyes knowing he dosen't have the same feeling as I do. "Trust me, I really, really want to. But I bearly know you. I can't have sex with you on the first day. Thats wrong." A single tear of mine hits the floor in disbelief. Wait... What is sex? "What is sex?" I ask him, sitting up and crawling over to him. I sit down on his lap and cuddle with him. His eyebrows bunch just above his nose. "You don't know what sex is?" He asks, His tone sounding of doubt. I nod seriously. "Well, It's when a boy like me, and a girl like you... Connect, sexually. It happens when two people love eachother." The word love stands out to me. I guess he knows what he's talking about.  I nod and look around. "Sorry if I'm asking too many questions. I just don't know alot of things." My words are soft and gentle.  He nods then puts his face in my white hair. "Did you dye your hair this color?" His voice is muffled. "No." Is all I say before I fall asleep on his shoulder with thoughts of love in my mind.

I fallen from grace, took a blow to my face. I've loved and I've lost. I've loved and I've lost, explosions. On the day you wake up needing somebody and you've let. It's okay to be afraid, but it will never be the same...

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