Falling In To Trouble

Falling from the sky, to falling in to trouble.


5. Saving a life

My heartbeat slowed down and resumed its regular pace. Zayn's eyes were closed and a smile was planted on his lips. After 'making love' he seemed exceptionally happy. I'm glad he enjoyed it as much as I did. At this moment I felt as if I was loved. Never have I felt this way. He honestly made me feel like I was going to be sick. As if there were millions of butterflies fluttering in the pit of my stomach. My eyes looked to Zayn who had stopped breathing fastly. "Maybe we should go to the lake?" I blushed since I had forgotten. His eyes shot open. "Fuck. They probably heard us." Zayn spat. He sat up to find his swimming trunks and pulled them on quickly. He threw me a shirt of his that I had been wearing before. He grabbed his phone and opened the tents door. "Zayn." I said, motioning him to slow down. "What?" He asked looking over to me. "I don't think I can walk." As soon as the words left my mouth he started to laugh. He threw his head back and walked over. "I'm sorry babe, that may be a side affect." Zayn still snickered as he lifted me up on to his back. I clung to his neck and wrapped my legs around his waist. He put his hands on the back of my thighs and stepped out of the tent. We walked about two inches before we heard a crunching noise beneath us. Under his foot was a note. He picked it up and looked at it. I peeked over his shoulder to see this:

Dear Zayn and Rose,

We could not help but here that you two were fucking. Next time keep it down, please. We left for the lake without you. If you would like to join us we are still there.

Love, Harry and Ed

Ps: Zayn I bet Rose was great in the sack ;)

Zayn sighed and ran a hand through his hair. "Well they heard us." Is all Zayn said. I giggled. "That is fine. They're probably jealous." This obviously made him feel a bit better, since he let out a small laugh. In the corner of my eye I saw a little bunny rabbit. It looked straight at me then ran away. It dropped a bright red rose. It was the rose my father had given to me. I lost it when I landed. Still in perfect shape, I slowly got off of Zayn's back and walked over to the rose. "Rose?" Zayn called out to me as I kept roaming the foresty floor to retreive the rose. I finally reached it and looked down to the ground at the tiny flower. It seemed to have shrunken, but that was fine since I was only going to keep it in my pocket. "Wha have you got there?" Zayn was now behind me, staring intently at the rose now in my hand. "It is a rose." I simply said. "Red roses mean love. Did you know that?" I asked him, not once looking back at him. Just taking in the sight of this sign of my father in heaven. "No, actually. I didn't." Zayn answered. He seemed to have shifted a little by the sound of crunching leaves and twigs in the terrain. "Are we going to the lake?" I pondered, glancing back at a seeming bored Zayn. "Yeah." He must be displeased with something. The moody mess he is.

After walking for about three minutes, we reached the pool of water and water fall that I had been found in. Zayn searched for the two boys that were somewhere around here. I looked to the waterfall to find the two standing at the top of the hill the waterfall rested on. Harry was ready to jump off and Ed was behind him, waiting for the jump. Zayn laughed at the sign of the two "What are you two doing?" Zayn called out to Harry. He laughed and called back; "The question is what were YOU two doing?" I giggled to myself as Zayn rolled his eyes. He stuck up his middle finger... What does that mean? "Are you gonna jump or what?" Zayn yelled out to Harry who was not in position to jump several metres. Ed walked closer and closer to the un-expecting boy, and put his hands forward ready to push him. Before Ed could do any harm, Harry turns around and throws him off the cliff. His body flies through the air, arms and legs flailing at the depth of it all. Ed's body splashed in to the cool water and dropped to the very bottom of the lake -on the extremley deep side of the lake- and stayed there. Harry called Ed's name various times, but there was no answer. Zayn was in panic as he said to me, "Rose, I can't swim!" Tears sprung to my eyes as Harry stood still on the cliff, not yet sure what to do. Without warning I threw off the shirt that Zayn leant me and vault in to the lake.

"WAIT, ROSE, WAIT!" Zayn called out for me, yet it was far to late. I was already diving down to the ocean floor. The water was bright  and a very sky blue. Rays of sunshine beamed through the cold liquid. Deeper and deeper I swam, the brighter everything became. Another few minutes of pulling myself through the water, there was no sign of a drowning Ed. There was no flailing arms or legs in plain sight. A few tiny fish floated by time to time, yet absolutley no Ed. My breath soon ran out and I drifted to the surface. "No sign of him!" I yelled out. Zayn put his head in his hands. Harry covered his mouth and dropped to his knees. I shook my head fastly. "I can't let him drown! I'm going back down." Without another word I plunged back in, only breathing in a large breath of air. I am determined to find Ed.

I was now at the bottom of the lake, searching for any sign. The water became mucky and hard to see through, but in the corner of my eyes I saw a floating figure. Orange hair, board shorts, t-shirt. It was Ed. I quickly swam over and grabbed ahold of him and pushed to the surface. I saved his life. He will not die in the depths of the water.

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