Falling In To Trouble

Falling from the sky, to falling in to trouble.


4. Maybe we will.

Morning arose from the horizon and I awoken. A soft yawn drifted from my mouth. Zayn was still sound asleep, snoring, and sprawled out on the matress we had shared. I felt love for him. At least I think it was love. My whimsical mind thought back to what my father had told me years ago when I asked him.

My father had told me all about love. For example; He used to tell me all of his vivid storys of my mum and him falling in to it. My mum you're asking? She dissapeared a while ago. When I was ten. I guess that love they had couldn't last. We were so alike in many ways. Twins almost except she was much older. Yet my father never spoke a word of why. It just happened. Tears had came to my tired eyes unexpectadly, and it seemed as if she did not love me... A cough pulled me out of my day-dreams. Ed was kneeling in front of our tent with a smug grin on his face. "Breakfast?" A simple question, yet I had no clue of what that was... The perks of being a new human. I slowly nod and stand -well kneel because the ceiling of the tent is low- and tap Zayns leg to wake him.

Ed looks at me oddly. He snickers a bit and begins to talk to me. "Uh Rose, do you want to put some clothes on first?" His mocking voice makes me blush realizing I was still nude in fron of another stranger I barely knew. "Yes. I will be out soon." He nodded and closed the tent door. I looked to the still snoring Zayn. His bold black hair is a mess and the blanket covering him showed his defined stomach muscles and collar bones. I bit my plump lip in satisfaction. Soon his big brown eyes would shoot open and look in to my soul, turning it evil with love.

"Zayn, wake up." My hand smooths down his scratchy jaw line. His bone structure is truly fascinating. His eyes groggily open and he wipes the mush from the corner of his eyes.  They widen at the sight of me nude... Again. "You don't like to wear clothes do you?" A scratchy snicker came from the back of his throat. A very sarcastic remark, but no I do not. It is very warm in this tent. "No, not really." I reply to him covering my breasts. He laughs an amazing laugh and sits up from his lying position. "I like your body. It is very sexy." A small kiss was placed on my lips. It felt as if they had been paralized of even if they had fallen asleep. His kisses were heavenly and I wanted more everytime. "Harry says that breakfast is ready for eating." He grins at that and jumps up. He throws me a t-shirt and pulls on some shorts himself. "Alright, let's go." And with that we exited the tent.


"So, I was thinking." Harry begins. "Why don't we go to the lake today?" He stated, taking a large bight of his toast. Zayn's spirit seemed to lift even more at the idea. Ed looked as if he was thinking about the offer. "Wait... Rose doesn't have a swimming costume." Ed finally answered. I put a questionable look on my face. Maybe that was true, yet I haven't swam in a while, so it maybe a better idea for me to not swim today. "That's okay. Right Rose?" Zayn smirked at me. Harry punched Zayn in the arm, laughing. "That is fine. I don't think I am going to go swimming today." I put a strand of white hair behind my ear and looked away from Zayn. His face dropped and his hand landed on my shoulder. "Are you sure babe?" I nodded for reasurance.

After awhile, the boys finished eating and we all walked back to our tents. Zayn stripped from his shorts infront of me like I wasn't even there. I giggled a bit at the sight of his bum. My cheeks reddened and I smiled at his straight-forwardness. "What are you giggling about?" He turned around to me being face to face with his length. I quickly covered my eyes and squealed. "Zayn! Get that away from my face!" I half laughed-half yelled. He snickered and put it closer to my face. "Tell me you love me." He teased. I shook my head. "Say it!" Zayn put it on my hand covering one of my eyes. I let out a disgusted sound and attempted to push him away. It failed and he landed on top of me. "Say you love me, and that you want me." His face was about inches from mine and I could smell the breakfast he had this morning in his breath. "I love you, and I want you." I gave in as he smiled in satisfactory. Soon Zayn's face went blank and he started to lean in for a kiss. His soft lips were planted on mine in an instant. The kiss grew in to a snog. After a few minutes of heavily kissing Zayn reached for his shirt I was wearing. He broke the kiss for only a second to throw the shirt off of me.

I started to moan as his hands found my breasts to massage them. His kisses lead from my mouth, to my neck, to my collar bones, finally to the space between my breasts. His mouth kissed and left little red spots. He left alone my chest and went where I needed him most. I pushed his face closer and moaned louder. He groaned in satisfaction. "Oh my god." I breathed out in pleasure. "You like that?" He stopped what he was doing and climbed further up my body. He looked in to my eyes for reasurance. I nodded fastly and clung to the sheets. He positioned himself and pushed in. I screamed out and threw my head back. This made Zayn groan. The pain was insane. A tear rolled down my cheek. "I'm so sorry Rose. I should stop. You're a virgin and-" I cut him off from his babbling. "Move." Is all I could say through my state. He shook his head and proped himself up on his hands. "No. I don't want to hurt you and-" I had to cut him off again. "Please." I looked in to his eyes. He smiled and pushed himself further in, making me squeal. He left a small kiss on my nose. His thrusts became faser and I could feel my high nearing. Moans and prophanitys left our mouths as every time he hit the right spot. With one more pleasuring thrust, I came. Very hard. My vision went blurry and a shock of electricity flew hrough my body. Zayn groaned and released. He pulled out and collapsed next to me. "Wow." Is all he said. "That was..." I began,  lost for words. "Wow." He answered for me.

So, that was sex...

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