Falling In To Trouble

Falling from the sky, to falling in to trouble.


2. Becoming another.

My body stayed still at the bottom of the pool. A series of emotions fell over me as my desire for breathing became stronger. The red rose was nowhere in sight which made me panic knowing thats all I had left of my father. Angels don't breath... But now I need too. Soon bubbles arose from my nose and mouth meaning that I'm drowning. Father would not approve if I only lasted two minutes on Earth. The cold water was making tiny bumps on my pale skin. After all my dress was some how gone, leaving me nude. My eyes lead me too a hand. It reached down to me a grabbed me! The strength of the hand was very strong, while it pulled me out of the water.

I gasped for air as my face broke the surface. A hand was placed on my back, firmly hitting it causing water to pour from my nose and mouth. I coughed until the water stopped flowing. The stranger removed their hand. "Here." It was a boy. He handed me a cloth to wipe my gushing nose. "You ok? I thought you were drowning!" He said. I turned to look at the boy. His deep brown eyes gleamed with pity. He was very handsome. "Yes, thankyou." My eyes trailed from his eyes to the rest of his face. Bone structure was his gift. He had the looks of a Roman God. His skin was a tan color almost like sand. He must have noticed me looking at his facial details because he smiled shyly, showing off his beautiful white teeth. For awhile we just stood there in the middle of the deep pool looking into eachothers eyes. "So why were you drowning in the middle of no where?" He broke the silence. I thought of a good lie and finally found a reasonable answer. "I was lost." Not very convincing bu he bought it. He just nod and looked off not even remembering that he was still holding me in the middle of a freshwater pool. "Well, I must go back to my campsite... You can come if you want?" He asked looking back into my eyes. "S-sure but I might need some clothes."  We both looked down at my naked body. His eyes grew wide at my exposed breasts. "Uh I think you might." He laughed causing me to listen. His laugh was heavenly like my fathers laugh. He soon let go of me and pulled his shirt over himself. We both stood there bare chested. I admired his chisled stomach and chest. He was truly amazing. "Here, you can wear this." His hand held out his wet navy blue t shirt. "Thanks." I smile and take it.


We walked through the trees together in search of his camp site. He glanced at me and smiled, making my cheeks burn and the pit of my stomach do sumersaults. "So is your name as pretty as your face?" He says smirking. My heart skips a beat. I think of a name, since I hadn't picked one out yet. A bell goes off in my mind. "My name is Rose." After the red rose father gave me. "And you are?" I ask him. "I'm Zayn." His name is so... mythical. I loved it. He didn't make eye contact but brought his hand to mine and put them together. They fit perfectly. Soon the heat in my cheeks appeared again and my stomach did backflips. I felt sick in a good way.

"Here we are." He said out of the blue. We had arrived at the camp which was quite large. Three tents were scattered around in a circle on the ground, a picnic table was in the middle of them all, and a small lake was behind a few trees with a big wooden dock holding a medium moter boat. There was a small fire lit close to the lake and two boys were sitting by it. Zayn let go of my hand and waved to the two boys. They each had a bottle in their hand and were now waving back at him. "C'mon I think they will like you." He grabbed my hand and pulled me to the campfire. The two boys smiled at me and looked at Zayn. "Who's this?" One said. He was cute with messy ginger hair and freckles. He had a series of art on his lower arm. "Oh sorry lads I forgot to introduce you." Zayn started. "This is Rose. Rose this is Ed and Harry." He finished and sat down on one of the wooden benches. He patted the spot next to him, motioning for me to sit next to him. I did and awkwardly closed my legs. His shirt did not cover alot of me. "So where did you find this one, Zayn?" Harry asked laughing and taking a sip of the liquid in the bottle. "Oh, I found her in a pool of water about a kilometer away from here when I went wandering. She was drowning and I saved her." He smiled at me and winked making my cheeks heat again. "Well thats facinating. Did you happen to find her naked since shes wearing your shirt and nothing more?" Harry snickered and took a look at my legs. Ed laughed with him and sipped on his glass bottle. "Don't mind these blokes. The arses that they are." Zayn laughed and grabbed two bottles. "Do you drink?" He asked holding out a bottle for me to take. "Sure." I reply taking the hard bottle. The label said 'Beer' which was unfirmiliar. A cap was keeping the liquid inside, which was very complicated to get off. Zayn chuckled and twisted it off for me. Without thinking I put the container to my mouth and swallowed. I coughed as the liquid burned down my throat and a bitter taste spread in my mouth. It was alright.

"Not your favorite?" Ed asked contemplating me. I nod shake my head. "No it's fine, just been awhile." My answer seems human enough. "I should probably get you some pants." Zayn stands and walks to the tent grabbing a pair of shorts. I took them and mumbled a 'thanks' then stepped inside the tent. It was quite spacous and was obviously meant for more people. Zayn had left and walked back to the fire so I was alone. I stepped in to the shorts that were a bit baggy but were fine for now. Before I unzipped the tent door I could over hear the boys talking. Maybe I shold listen... "Yeah I just met her and I've already seen her naked." Zayn boasted to the two. "And now shes wearing my boxers." What are boxers? These shorts? "I'm sure you'll be in her pants by next week." Harry noted, snickering. What does he mean by 'In my pants'? Is it a sexual term? "Yeah, she is very fit. Your a lucky lad." Ed added. "Yep." Is all Zayn said. I didn't understand. He liked me... Or my body. I had to find out.

Soon I exited the tent with the 'boxers' on and sat back down next to Zayn. He smiled at me widely and put his arm over my shoulders. "Jesus Rose, you must be freezing!" He softly yelled and stood up. He went off to one of the tents a soon returned with a long piece of material. A blanket. "Here love." He spread it out on top of me. The soft material was defrosting me. He sat back down, but this time he sat closer and wrapped his arms around me to pull me closer. The blanket was he only thing seperating us. I will not understand what people are. Maybe I can improvise with the -being a secret angel to be the vision of heaven- situation.

My eyes began to droop and I desired sleep. My head was placed on Zayn's chest as I drifted off into a deep sleep. I drempt of my father that night. I don't even miss you yet...

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