Secrets of the Forest

Secrets of the Forest is a gripping novel set in the near future down in Houston, Texas.
Starlite is a slave in her own household who feels like something has always been missing from her life and can only find peace in her secret spot were no one finds her. But she misses a very important event and she is thrown out of her home by her own mother. She tries to run away from her problems into a forest but when she finds a letter from her sister and finds out who she really is. Finally, after hard work and lots of help from newly found friends she is ready to face her mother or is she?

© 2013 Copyright darkluna. All Rights Reserved.


6. The necklace

                Over the next month Shade started to spend more time with me. He had also showed me my quarters, or my bedroom.  Which just happened to be next to his. Fade had officially introduced me to the pack.  Angel had sweetly whispered a hello, Blue nodded his head, Jei was distracted by some meat, Marrow mumbled a hey, Kye looked away, Shade winked, and Ruby just grunted. I hope that she turns around I would hate her to hate me like my mother does.  As I thought of my mother a hard lump made itself known in my throat; even though she had disowned me she was still my mother and I could not ignore the little voice in me wishing her to come back. I looked away from the crowd so they would not see my tears. That is before I realized no tears fell from my burning eyes. They only thing to show my unhappieness  was soft whining sounds that came out of me. "Excuse me," I thought to the pack as I turned away from the bloody meal in front of me.



          Angel entered the room silently while I cried. I stared at the wolf necklace that Fade had left in my room.

        " I brought you some of the left overs from the antelope," offered shyly

        " I'm not hungry,"

       "well alright, but... that's a nice bone you have there, why is it on dried grass?"  I tore my eyes away from the wolf carving thinking of a way to explain necklaces to some one who had never owned a plastic ring from one of those cheap quarter dollar prize machines. Angel's curious grey eyes looked at me hopefully

      " I-It's name is a necklace. Um... W-humans put them on themselves to look pretty, or because they mean something."  As Angel's eyes met mine I knew the question before she asked, I did not interrupt her still. "It was given to me when I was little. I-I think if I put it on it turns me human,"  We sat quietly for a long while before our silence was broken by three words.

"put it on." Angel and I both snapped our heads up. In the doorway stood Shade. His eyes glowed a magnificent green in the dim light  making the  rest of him almost disappear, almost. I nodded slowly although I doubted I could alone. I took a shuddering breath remembering of only a couple days ago when the pain that had come, when I had first turned to a wolf.  My eyes opened I had not even closed my eyes 

   " okay I'm ready,"  Angel stepped forward slowly as if she were about to unleash a beast. The wooden carving glowed as it was placed over my bowed head. Then everything was muffled, quickly fading away as I screamed in pain. I felt my bones breaking and sliding into their human place. Black dots came into my vision as I looked to the others to help. The dots were growing  blocking out everything. i felt my snow white fur recead into my skin excepting a couple human hairs that had always been there. my muzzle shrunk into my skull, burning away.   The worst part of the transformation though was the fact that I could not faint I lay there whimpering in fear and crying out in agony. I could not see , as the dots had completely filled my vision, and the pain continued on. Then after a seemingly endless flurry of pain there was silence throughout my body, my vision cleared and as I peered ariund at the astonished faces around me I cried and soon slept my energy depleted.


I awoke with a new found energy, and exhaustion. Pups slept around me a couple twitching with dreams good and bad. I realized I was shivering and found but pink skin on me. No fur resided on my bare body. Though months before I may have felt to cover myself with anything at this realization, I felt not this urge now I knew every wolf of this pack, and though over my lifetime as a human fully clothed I had been to self centered and self conscious. In the pack I knew my place and I knew that the other wolves would not care if I wore or did not wear clothing. So though I shivered in the cold I stood, the enchanted necklace jingled and was the only thing  on my body. I shuttumbled out of the nursery were the pack had placed me and found them out side speaking of the asylum at the northside of the forest. 

" I know that the humans there are usually unaware of all but their insanity worlds but I swear that there're children there that looked straight at me!"


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