Secrets of the Forest

Secrets of the Forest is a gripping novel set in the near future down in Houston, Texas.
Starlite is a slave in her own household who feels like something has always been missing from her life and can only find peace in her secret spot were no one finds her. But she misses a very important event and she is thrown out of her home by her own mother. She tries to run away from her problems into a forest but when she finds a letter from her sister and finds out who she really is. Finally, after hard work and lots of help from newly found friends she is ready to face her mother or is she?

© 2013 Copyright darkluna. All Rights Reserved.


5. The beginning of a new life

                 It had been three months. Three months. since I left. Months weeks since I said goodbye. Three months since I found out who Siri-Sana really was. Three months since I found out who I was. I had cried the most nights to sleep as I whispered to myself I love you and I hate you. There was still no sign of Fade. Throughout the days I had kept from depression by staring out side and trying to catch a scent of Fade. Every day I would have a little around an hour that I would have my senses heightened and I would be able to see little things and I would be able to hear things that no human could. I had been staring out into the distance and I knew the hour of change-as I had called it- would soon reach me, but then as I was waiting I saw a deer it was completely oblivious to me.  Then as I stared at its beauty the hour came.  I felt adrenaline start to pump threw my blood like never before, I stared in horror as my body literally pulsed. I knew it was trying to change into wolf. The wolf was hcanopy. But something stopped me from changing as if I had an enchantment on me. But the note from my sister had said the spell had been lifted.  I then remembered my necklace that Siri-Sana had given me. I tried to move to tear the chain from around my neck, but I couldn't control my body. I stuck in a void of spasms.  I tried to scream for help but it came as a mix of help me and a howl. Then everything went black as two back paws rushed towards me.



I awoke with a jolt. I was in a cave of some sort. I tried to stand but fell immediately. I looked around as much as I could, but was not much for the fact that I was laying on my side. As I looked around I heard nails clicking and knew it was Fade. I tried to ask where I was but I came out as a weak whimper. Confused I tried again with the same results. I started to panic  I could not talk. As I grew more frantic I tried to yet again stand, and yet again I failed.

"You are never going to get anywhere doing that you know" a voice in my head said though it was not my thoughts it was a different person. I stopped and slowly looked down at myself. I started to howl as I stared down at myself. I was a pure white wolf; my fur was fluffy and new like a pup's. Slowly I struggled to stand on my four legs. At first I wobbled like a new born lamb, but gradually I steadied out. I turned with cautious steps to face to fellow wolf that stood on the other side. Step. Step. Step. I felt triumphant once I turned all the way around, but fell back down straight away. My new legs finally giving up. I lied there for a second and sighed. How was I supposed to help Peony if I could not even stand on my own four legs?

 "Come on get up, we must get you food and rebuild your energy, and it is no use laying on the floor in defeat wallowing,"  the voice again talked to me, man was it annoying but man was it right. Trembling I stood up and took wobbly steps toward Fade, as now I could clearly see her. "oh and it is me Fade that is talking in your head it is how we communicate so you might want to work on blocking and  talking, Blocking is to block out thoughts that you might not want us to hear private thoughts about Peony, and talking so you can talk to us, just not at the same time,"  Fade thought to me "now come," . I followed after the proud wolf, trying to figure out blocking and talking.


Soon we entered a room with around five other wolfs in it. All eating, or rather tearing through the body of some kind of big animal. Once my eyes saw the animal I realized I was famished. Rather unbalanced I hurried to the meat, it's smell was intoxicating. I stumbled over to the spot where a rust red she-wolf stood eating ravenously. I started to lower my head as a growl started to form in the back of the she-wolf’s throat. Ignoring her I digged into the meat. Seconds later a blow hit me making me fly back.  On top of me the red wolf was growling.

“No one touches my meat," she growled at me. To my relief a sharp bark from Fade stopped her  from making my her second course. The moment she stepped off I wriggled away. I did not want to get into another fight with another wolf so I just sat and watched the others eat and waited for someone to finish.  Finally one wolf noticed me and backed away from his food and signaled me that I could eat. Thankfully I trotted over to where the wolf was. Slowly I brought my head down and when he didn't growl I took the opportunity to eat all of the food that was in front of me.

      When I was done I looked back up to the wolf that had given me his meal. He was a pure black wolf with dark green eyes. I decided to thank him.

"Thank you... what is your name?..." I mentally slapped myself for making the most idiotic statement ever.

“Your welcome... and it's Shade... Yours?..." he was mocking me and we both knew it but it still made me laugh.

"Um... its... Um... Starlite..."  I thought nervously. I really liked this wolf and now I was all awkward around him. I knew deep down we were meant to be together but I didn't know how, I didn't even know him.

“nice name, I am usually into Angel, but you are different," he said when he saw the complete and utterly confused look on my face he realized I had no idea who that was “oh! Yeah I forgot you don't know any of us your new. Well Angel is the  silver wolf over by the newborns," Shade pointed over to a canopy  of leaves where a silver she-wolf was attending little crazy pups " and I think you already met Ruby, she is a hot head but she is great once you get to know her, um over by Ruby is Blue Jay, but everyone calls him Blue for short, and Jei," I looked over to see a navy blue wolf which I guessed to be Blue Jay and next to him a dark grey wolf who I presumed to be Jei "um and then there is Marrow and Kye, twins both brown wolfs but not one bit else the same. And lastly there is me and Fade you probably already met them. Fade is the Alpha and her mate is Blue so don't get any thoughts about him he is also Alpha but Fade is more in charge than him. Any questions? No? good cause I need to go break up with Angel any ways I think she has taken a fancy to Marrow,". With that Shade turned tail and trotted over to Angel. A little after he left and Angel stood there in shock for a second and realized he had noticed her liking of marrow and barked her thanks before picking up a pup that had raced out of the canopy.

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