Secrets of the Forest

Secrets of the Forest is a gripping novel set in the near future down in Houston, Texas.
Starlite is a slave in her own household who feels like something has always been missing from her life and can only find peace in her secret spot were no one finds her. But she misses a very important event and she is thrown out of her home by her own mother. She tries to run away from her problems into a forest but when she finds a letter from her sister and finds out who she really is. Finally, after hard work and lots of help from newly found friends she is ready to face her mother or is she?

© 2013 Copyright darkluna. All Rights Reserved.


2. Saving puppies

            "Why does everything always go wrong for me?" I asked the absence of space ever present next to me. I had always been an outcast ever since I could remember, always different from everyone else. Perhaps my problems came from the fact that the whole town thought my mother was a witch, sure she was aged and never seemed to appreciate all of the things I did for her, but she was no witch. I felt as if I would have figured out by now if she were a witch, since the house consisted of only four rooms, all of which I had had plenty of time to explore. Especially considering she had been so overly protective in my younger years. I was only able to wander town without her since my last birthday, when I had turned 15. There were only two places I belonged at all; my little lake chair where the trees had made a hidden space for me, making me a shadow to everyone alive and six feet under, and the back of the library, where only Mrs. Singh could find me. I think she was the only one who really understood me, the only one whose love of silence rivaled my own. It seemed nowadays even my own mother was getting tired of me. I looked away as some of the popular girls came my way, immediately stopping to shoot insults at me. I tried to ignore the sneers and laughter, but after two years of name calling and insults, i was tired of fighting the tears. I kicked a pebble as the tears fell down one by one, unable to do anything else. Satisfied with my tears the girls walked off, their little cackles trailing after them. When they were completely gone, I started my walk again. At least, I thought to myself, I had not been brought down low enough to do anything I would regret. I kept telling myself that as long I was not brought to hurting anyone, that I would be fine and that those "pretty in pink" demons had not won. But I knew that that was not true, for every tear I shed those little monsters won another battle. I really wanted to rip the flesh from their throats but I could never bring myself to look them in the eyes, let alone attack them.

             I came upon a dusty road, looking around I realized that I had no idea where I was. I turned and decided to walk back the way I had thought I had came. Only to my surprise there was just another winding path into a dark forest, instead of the nice familiar country road I had just been on. I decided that the path was the only way out of where-ever I was, after noticing that the day was almost over and I had no way to get a hold of anyone or figure out where I was. I tentatively took a step forward fearing the worst, but not really having any other choice in the situation. As I walked further and further into the forest I started to relax. I couldn't pinpoint why, but I mostly felt at home. The further I walked the darker the woods got, soon it was so dark I could barely see.I decided to turn back and try to find a way around the forest, so that I might be able to see where I was going, considering at the time I couldn't see two feet in front of myself. I quickly noticed one problem. I had lost the path! Frantically I tried to figure out where the path was, but only ended up getting myself even more disoriented, it seemed like I wasn't even moving forward. Breathing hard, I tried to clear my mind in order to think of a plan.

             While I was trying to think I heard a low growl and quickly climbed a tree to protect myself from the possible snapping jaws that were soon to come from hungry bellies. Curious and and terrified, I climbed the tree trying to get higher, but at the same time trying to get a glimpse of the animal. I spotted a moving bush and crawled across the, thankfully, large tree. On the other side I spotted a shivering wolf pup. Where was it's mother? The rest of the pack? A  mountain lioness crouched before the helpless puppy, seemly not noticing me, as her ears never twitched my way. What a lucky break, I thought to myself, though I dared not breath to loud.. Why were they in these woods? I thought I lived in a area where there were no naturally occurring wolves or, lions for that matter. I knew full well I could escape, there was no point in risking my life for an animal, obviously abandoned by its family. I started to sneak away, until I made eye contact, suddenly I couldn't just leave the pup to fend for its' life by itself, it stood no chance. There wasn't a life for me back in town anyways, I might as well try to do something for someone else for a change, I reasoned to myself. 

"Well here goes the dumbest thing I've ever done in my life," I whispered to myself.

         In one quick motion I jumped from the tree, landing on the lioness. I heard a harsh crash, but could't tell if it was a bone of mine or hers. The lioness screamed and slashed at me in a panic, rupturing my skin. I broke off a branch from the nearby bush, luckily a thorn bush, and slashed back. My weak attack only brought scratches to the face of the cat. Suddenly, I realized that I was the new prey of this predator, there was no way that I would be able to beat this animal in the combat it was born into. Panic started to build in my chest, making my heart feel as if it would burst from my chest, my mind raced to figure out a way to survive, when little growls and razor teeth puncturing my skin with ease interrupted my thoughts. I cried out in pain as I rolled away from the little evil cubs, to beside the puppy. 

"FUCK," I wailed in pain as they tore at my skin. Their claws could not go very far in, yet still hurt like hell. Then out of nowhere their assaults ended. When I opened my eyes I saw the deadly stare of the barely wounded lioness and her cubs, behind them a tiny breach of light. I mustered up all the strength I had and in one roll I had the pup in my arms and was sprinting,hopefully, out of the forest. I stopped two feet away from the light, dripping blood with a terror stricken pup in tow. I glanced back for just long enough to see the lioness get ready to pounce her tail swishing back and forth hypnotically, the little devils copying her very movements. Without any thought I stumbled out of the forest, just was the trio launched, leaving a deep gash in my leg as I dashed away. I ran like this, bleeding profusely, for a while, until noticing the lack of anything following me. I fell to my knees as I tried to catch my breath, dropping to pup. Breathing hard I looked around I was about a mile from my mother's house. The forest I had been so lost in, was no where to be seen, and I had no plan on looking for it. As my heart slowed searing pain came from pretty much every area of my body and started to watch the world spin. I made a semi-tourniquet, to stop most of the blood. In no condition to make the trek up the hill, I sat against a nearby tree and decided to study the wolf pup, the most I could do, with how how much energy was left in me. The pup didn't seem like any of the dumb puppies I had seen before, their movements seemed purposeful, regal even. She strolled up to me and seemed to bow before me before out of no where latching onto my one good leg . "WHY AM I EVERYONE'S FUCKING CHEW TOY!" I screamed as while squeezing my eyes shut like it would help. Within five seconds the pain ceased to exist, not only from the pup but from all of my wounds. Confused, I opened my eyes and saw not a mark left on my body. I felt no pain from the cubs' needle teeth, or from the used to be gash. The only proof of the attack was my ripped clothing and muddied self. Not even the pup had left a scratch when she had bit deep into my leg. When I thought about the pup I looked up to see it was gone without trace, not even tracks on the dusty road.


                 I was almost to my house, sighing as I thought about how mom would react when I came home late and dirty. Walking into my shack of a home was terrifying in of itself. We weren't poor or anything, but mother said this had been in the Farrington name for centuries of years and that she was the first daughter of Mary Farrington, my grandmother, so I jut figured that she just felt it was part of it. I took in a deep breath and readied myself for the worst part of the day the part, when mother knew I had nothing to do but be enslaved. As quietly as the door would allow I opened and closed it. I quickly ran up stairs to tell my sister my secrets, it wasn't even as if she could give them away in the first place. My sister, Peony, had gotten sick the year before, but was supposed to get better tomorrow, exactly one year from when she first got sick and I would have to do the ritual of healing to make her get better six months, mother had said she had done it and it was my turn the coming day. Mother didn't believe in modern medicine, and only used it, to keep Peony alive. She had assured that it was not witchcraft that I had to perform, but simply a "better medicine," whatever that meant. I had thought about the ritual and had no idea what to do, but Mother had told me to heal her in any way I could so all week I had been researching every possible way to heal a comatose person. "Nadine? Is that you?!," Mother called all innocent, as if she was only happy to see me and I was useful for more than chores and laborious activities. The only chore I didn't mind was when I looked after Peony when mother was doing her "work" which consisted of locking her door and making herbal drinks. “Yes, Mother!"  I moaned, running up to my room, my sanctuary.


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