Secrets of the Forest

Secrets of the Forest is a gripping novel set in the near future down in Houston, Texas.
Starlite is a slave in her own household who feels like something has always been missing from her life and can only find peace in her secret spot were no one finds her. But she misses a very important event and she is thrown out of her home by her own mother. She tries to run away from her problems into a forest but when she finds a letter from her sister and finds out who she really is. Finally, after hard work and lots of help from newly found friends she is ready to face her mother or is she?

© 2013 Copyright darkluna. All Rights Reserved.


4. Homeless

               I opened my eyes, I felt as if I had awoken from a long sleep. Slowly I lifted my head to gaze into the sky. The park seemed peaceful, a serene place, the sun was just starting to set and I just felt happy. Then I remembered my sister she was never going to get better if I didn't get home before dark! I jumped up with sudden spirits of adrenaline, I ran on my legs faster than ever. The wind rushed past me and I liked the feeling of running and being free but I stayed focused on getting to my mother's house. No matter how much I hated my mother and wanted to leave her in a ditch, I could never forgive myself if Peony died. Before I realized it I was panting at the door. I checked the sky and to my despair I watched the sun's last rays fall under the horizon. With great regret I sprinted to Peony's room, so I would be able to say good bye. Before I opened to door I braced myself to see my dying sister. Slowly I opened the door and heard crying.I looked up expecting to see my mother crying and holding my sister in terror as she had died. But what I saw was a completely different story I saw my mother crying out of joy. At first all I could think about was how evil my mother was. Then on the night stand I noticed the thermometer. To my relief it the numbers were as ninety-eight point five. I burst into tears,I was as happy as any girl who saw their sister getting better. This was a wonderful miracle the best ever there was nothing that could be better.

"Oh mother this is marvelous, happy times!" I cried out in a hushed sort of voice so to let Peony sleep. I ran over to my mother to hug her, this might be the only time I would get actual affection from her in a long time,I wrapped my hands around my mom's body it felt as if I was hugging a log. My mother was just stiff. Opening my eyes I looked in to a face of raw rage.

 "Leave," my mother said daze like "leave this house and do NOT come back," confused but obedient, I backed away into my room and started to pack. There was no use arguing with mother, if I did she would put me on the street with only the clothing on my body. This was mother's way of being generous. So tears strolled down my pale cheeks as I packed up everything I could bring. My few pieces of clothing, a family picture, my sleeping bag and tent. As I put things away I stopped and picked up my scissors slowing as if in a trance cut my mother out of the picture. Silently I took a match and lit it. Setting the clip of mother on a sheet of metal I put the match on her and watched it burn. A smile crept on my face I had a sense of freedom the same as when I was in the park. After the clip was ash I opened my window and then closed it. Mother did not deserve to be carried with the wind so instead I walked to the trash and put it in there.

          After I was done I went down to the kitchen  and filled my second bag with food (mostly meat) and a canteen for water. When I finished I walked back to Peony's room  to say a few last words. When I walked in I saw her resting, but my mother was not in the room so I could say my good-byes. I tiptoed over to Marie's bed.

"Hello…?" I whispered I was afraid that my mother had turned my sister against me, but to my relief when she stirred she did not scream or look alarmed.

"h-hel-lo," she managed to wheeze, her voice was ragged and almost a whisper " Mother said that you are bad...but I don't believe...her you took care... most of the...time,"

"thank god you still love me  our... mother, " I spat out mother like I had charcoal in my mouth "is kicking me out so maybe someday we will see each other again...I-I love you and try to get away as fast as you can mother is a witch sister, a witch, good-bye sister I will save you from her when I come-comeback," I choked up  tears were about to pour out of my eyes but I had to leave before my mother returned to my sister's room. I walked out every bit of me was shaking and tears started to drip down my face even though I willed them not to. I closed the door and inched down my once-a-home-but-not-anymore house and turned and screamed as loud as I could

“I hate you Siri-sana! You will never, ever be my mother! I HATE YOU,”






                An hour later I was on the bus, I kept telling the people who asked that I was just meeting my family with the stuff I had. But everyone knew it was a lie or there would be more people to help me carry stuff but at least they didn't ask any more questions.  I had few choices the Orphanage, the Police, or the Cedar woods. I knew I could not go to the orphanage the rumor was that the mistresses were pure evil-spawns of the devil. I could not go to the police because that would end up with  Peony in the orphanage with me, I hated the idea of that. So as much as it pained me my only choice was the Cedar woods. No one not even big corporations like Soapcakes' workers no matter how much money offered would not step foot in those woods. Only one person had ever walked in and come back... me. I had walked in and came out one week later but I can't remember much about it except for the fact that everyone had the same story that I was a little girl and I only played with my puppy and no other children after I came out.

      I was jolted out of my thoughts when the bus made a stop.  I stood up, the only light outside came from the stars and the moon. I looked up at the moon it always intrigued me, but tonight it felt like it was putting a spell on me. but I tore my eyes away from it to face cedar woods and the spell was broken. Taking a breath I stepped away from the bus with my things. I knew that I was facing a old friend or foe. Soon I was just outside the forest. It was huge, bigger than I remembered but of course I could not remember back to then and when you are scared things seem to be bigger when you face them too. My breath quickened as I started to walk into the forest.


Once I was well into the forest I realized that it was a very familiar. With a gasp I became conscious that this was the forest. I started to set up camp although my mind was not on the task of setting up the tent rods. I tried to piece together how the Cedar woods was the forest. It just did not make any since. I sighed with defeat as no explanation came. I mean who was I kidding no one even ever had the slightest idea of what was up with the Cedar woods. Everyone was afraid to set foot in it especially after I went in.  Once I was finished setting up camp I stood and surveyed my work. It was a little sloppy but it would hold. I crawled inside when the wind started to pick up. A storm must of snuck up on me. We had never owned a television at Siri-Sana's house so I was never able to watch the news to see the weather, or any shows at all. But I could usually tell if there was going to be rain or not.  Soon the storm was right over me the rain splattered against my tent so harshly that I was scared that my tent would blow away, but it stayed put stubbornly. I turned to my things as I rummaged through my fingers fell upon an old photo album with a note stuck to it. Slowly I took the Album out and the note said;

Dear Starlite,

I know you are very confused and hurt right now with what Siri-Sana did. But do not

worry yourself, answers will soon arrive. My memories are already fading but I

 am writing you this letter so that you can know the truth. I know this will be hard,

really hard for this to sink in but Siri-Sana like you said really is a witch and

she took you from your pack Starlite. Starlite you are a wolf when you met

that pup she broke the spell. That is why she bit you. The pup's name is

Fade she will soon come to help but you must be patient. Now that the spell is broken

your memories will slowly come back and there will be pain and there will be time of weakness

that will come. But you must promise me one thing. That no matter how hard and how impossible life seems to be you will stay strong. I will always love you.

                                                               with fading memories,


       Tears slid down my cheeks

"I love you too," I whispered I knew that I had to stay strong for Peony. Slowly I opened the album afraid of what was to be in there. When I opened the book fresh tears broke out from my eyes. There were photos one for every day I was with Peony. I did not even know how these were taken Siri-Sana was always doing her "work" when I was taking care of Peony and she was comatose. Every picture was different, smiling I put the album away, but slipped the picture I  had cut Siri-Sana out of into the last spot and marked it goodbye.


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