Secrets of the Forest

Secrets of the Forest is a gripping novel set in the near future down in Houston, Texas.
Starlite is a slave in her own household who feels like something has always been missing from her life and can only find peace in her secret spot were no one finds her. But she misses a very important event and she is thrown out of her home by her own mother. She tries to run away from her problems into a forest but when she finds a letter from her sister and finds out who she really is. Finally, after hard work and lots of help from newly found friends she is ready to face her mother or is she?

© 2013 Copyright darkluna. All Rights Reserved.


3. A pool of crystals


                     It was a beautiful day.The sun was shining,the birds were chirping and my mom was not yelling at me to do stuff and telling me I was ugly. I was happy when Mom was happy and asleep. Today was that first day of summer break, I was glad because I would not have to deal with everyone at school that called me ugly and fat. First off I was not even bad looking, my hair was white and was straight and I always had clear skin (thank God). Two I was not FAT I was just curvy around the edges. Choosing to get ahead of mother I finished my sad breakfast (consisting of dry cereal and a piece of stale white bread) and left. I had until sunset to get home, because it had been six months since mother had done the ritual of healing and it was my turn and if I did it my sister would get better and then I would finally get to see her healthy. It had been a year from when she had gotten the sickness. Doc said that it was not anything he or the nurse had ever seen or known about and nurse was programmed with every disease and cure known to mankind.

                  I wandered lost in thought when I heard the buzz of a fly right at my ear, stupid flys. I started to swat at the place where I thought it was, but it did not go away. I turned so I could see the little pest, when I turned I could see it just fine. Only it was about a block away. I gulped down a scream. I could see every vein thing on it's wings and I could see all the tiny hairs on it's disgusting little legs. I could still hear the bug, but I also heard other things I heard squirrels chatter, raccoon's snore , and even grass swishing in the wind.Seconds later a deafening migraine crashed upon me, like a dragonfly on its prey, and an annoying ringing in my ears. I felt a sudden urge to throw up my breakfast.I had really been hoping to go to my special spot with the tree seat and the little minnows and fish that would nibble my toes and I would carve wood to make little figures. Sadly and in pain I walked to the nearest patch of grass to lay my head for a couple minutes. I breathed in and out slowly trying to stop the spinning that now infected my head. Slowly once I was relaxed, sleep started to take over. I fought to keep my eyes opened but soon lost the battle as my eyelids fluttered to a close.




                     I awoke with a start to the yip of a puppy. I yanked my sleep encrusted eyes open I was in the forest. But, I thought, I had been on the peaceful patch of grass and now I was lying on the surprising comfortable ground in the forest. I looked down and noticed the velvet like moss, a deep shade of green with the smell of rose drifted up to me. At least I mused that the migraines were gone and the world had stopped spinning. A new flurry of yips brought me back down to earth, as I had been lost in a sea of thoughts. Looking down I gazed at the puppy briefly before she abruptly got up and walked away, looking back after she noticed I had not managed to follow her yet. Then I understood what she wanted me to do I reluctantly got up and trailed her. As I followed her I had time to examine the puppy, I really had to start thinking of a name for her, the puppy was about the size of a medium sized dog defiantly a wolf pup. The puppy was all black and was easily lose to my untrained eye, as she blended into the many shadows of this forest. She was obviously the proud type with a little hop in her step . A sharp bark quickly brought me out of my thoughts and noticed that I had almost stepped into a jumble of vines. Curiously I picked up an acorn that I found near me and tossed it to the dark purple vines. To my shock once the acorn touched the vine large needles popped out of it, smoothly slicing through the tough shell then as to create more of a cloak and dagger the purple creeper crept casually up into the trees with it. Quite unnerved I stalked forward.  The forest, although I was still a little paranoid about the lioness and the carnivore plant, seemed calming, almost welcoming to me. A smile crept up my face as I stared up at the canopy above, the sun poked out from the dark leaves warmed my face. This is where I belonged, at least I think, but what about Marie? I decided that once she was healthy and strong I would take her away from mother and we would live wild with this little wolf that trotted beside me.

               We stopped abruptly when the puppy and I entered a large clearing in the middle was a pond that glinted brightly with the sparkling noon sun. I tip-toed over to the shining pond, as I got closer and looked in I saw to my amazement in the liquid water was not muck and grim. But it was as if it was liquid crystal. In the water was olive lily pads with lilac flowers that hung onto them, minnows darted in and out from under them playing a game of non-stop tag. Angelic carp swam circling every once and even the frogs that were there were beautiful. All the while the pond caught by zantium petals that fell from a  nearby flowering tree. I stared at the inside of the pond, it was not just a regular pond. The small patch of water was carved into the ground and had then been filled with water. I looked back at the pup. She to stared into the pond but then gazed back towards me. I was caught off guard when she nodded her head. A little freaked out I slowly stuck one finger into the pond. I felt a sudden peace, and all I wanted to do was lay my head down. As I started to drift off I saw more wolfs come out  One brown, one a soft foggy grey, one a navy blue, one silver, the puppy was black but there was another black one, and then a there was another grey one. the entire pack stood around  me and I thought I heard one of them say, " She is the one,"  I quickly dismissed it as sleep I could not understand wolves, or the puppy would have talked to me earlier.

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