Love Olympus

Leora always thought her imaginary friend, Mr. Smirk, would never appear in front of her again when she was seven. When she wakes up one morning to find him bruised up in front of her claiming he's not really her imaginary friend, but her Kupid. Things take a drastic turn for the worst as Mr. Smirk has little time to explain his disheveled appearance and why he has come back after ten years of a random hiatus. He quickly begins to tell her who he is and what he has come for. Mr. Smirk comes from the underworld. A place where billions of creature live and do the mediocre jobs for the gods and goddesses. Mr. Smirk is one of the seven billion Kupids assigned to a human. Every couple of years or so the Kupids get a chance to escape their dull life as a Kupid by entering their human in a game called the Love Olympus. If chosen the Kupid's assigned human is plucked from earth and placed into the underworld to not only play the game, but fight for their life.


3. Love Olympus


Did you ever wonder what happened to those supposedly lost people? Where they exactly are, if they're dead, who took them or if they're alive?

I always wondered and now I knew where half or at least a select few went.

The underworld.

To only be placed as a pawn of amusement for creatures. I expected the Love Olympus to be like the Olympics, but oh no.

I was dead wrong.

Love Olympus was nothing I expected.

The second Mr. Smirk snapped his fingers and that black cloud arrived. The second I felt myself leaving everything I knew and loved. I was gone.

It was like being vacuumed into another dimension. My skin being stretched, my neck being choked to death, my bones crushing from the immense volume of speed. I felt like I was being thrown repeatedly.

 All I did was hold my eyes tight together. So tight I started screamin at one point. The evidence of my mouth opening as I went through the hell hole Mr. Smirk was putting me through.  I held them tight together until I felt my feet pressed against something hard. The floor.


I opened one eye first and then the other. I was in a small white room. A room that looked quite normal actually. I blinked. Was I imagining this the whole time? Am I actually crazy?

"How was it?" Mr. Smirked huffed beside me.

I turned to him and stared.


This was happening.

"W-were in the underworld?" I felt light.

"Yes," he nodded.

"Why are we in this room?" I looked around to see everything was white. Only thing present was a round table and two chairs. Those white as well.

"It's for you to calm down." Mr. Smirk walked over to the table and sat down on one of the chairs. "You're much calmer than I thought you would be."

"Trust me I'm not," I murmured.

I don't know what to feel. All I know is that Mr. Smirk is real after all and that this was happening. What more? Cry my eyes out and beg not to go through this? Or do the opposite and face it? It was obvious, at least, in my case.

"Are you okay?" Mr. Smirk strummed his fingers on the table, sounding worried. "Leora?"

I walked over and sat down on the chair with a plump. Staring at the white floor I looked down at my clothing and noticed I was wearing something else. Shocked I got up abruptly and touched it. I was a red jumpsuit with black shoes.

"What is this?" I looked down at myself.

"Your team color," Mr. Smirk sighed. "That was quick."

"How-" I stopped halfway. "Nevermind," and sat back down.

"You do know you can ask questions?" Mr. smirk leaned in.

"I just want to get over this," I snapped.

Mr. Smirk pouted his lips and turned to look at the door and back at me. "You look calm enough."

I nodded. I was. Somewhat.

"You look informed enough."

I nodded again.


"I have nothing more to say to you Mr. Smirk," I looked at him. "I'm ready."

Mr. Smirk moved his jaw from side to side. His expression plastered with hurt he nodded continously. "You're right, you're right. Shall we?" He got up and motioned to the door.


Getting up and catiously breathing in the foreign air my surroundings erupted with what felt like millions of people screaming as I stepped out of the door.

I looked up to find myself in the center of of the biggest stadium I had ever seen in my life. The crowds enthusiasm was insane. Screaming at the top of their lungs, honking all sorts of noises, it was overwhelming. They didn't look like humans, but they did at the same time. Some looked like Mr. Smirk, others looked to oodd to be human.

I gulped. Turning around I saw nothing, but the door just standing there. Mr. Smirk behind it. His face sad as he looked at me. I'm sorry, he mouth as the door slammed shut and dissapeared.

My heart dropping as Mr. Smirk left without another word. I was suddenly regretting my words toward him. I turned back ground trying to hold in the tears and clenched my teeth.

 I wasn't ready. I wasn't calm. I was scared out of my mind.

Noticing other bodies beside me I saw other humans. The inexplainable feeling of relief slamming me reminded me to breathe. They were all looking up. I decided to that as well. My hearing mute just seconds ago also letting go.

A man with with pure white hair, slicked backwards, with teeth that could outshine bleached clothing, smiled at me. He was frighteningly white, wearing white, but I couldn't help notice how insanely dark his eyes were.

"Welcome contestant sixteen!" His voice was expected. Dramatic and cartoon-ish. "We have been waiting for you." His voice got deep, but I could see the amusement with his raised eyebrow.

"Contestant red you may join your partner over there," he pointed to the far left corner. Without a choice I walked over there as fast as I could and got a good look from everyone. They were definitely human. Some looked scared out of their mind others strangely calmly.

Yet I know better than to judge an expression right off the bat. Everyone went through the same bull as me at point before they came here. To think I wasn't alone in that aspect strangely made me even more calmer than I thought. I should have felt scared, but for some reason I'm not. Reality hadn't hit me, yet I was too scared to find out when it would.

I stood beside the tall male figure who had a red jumpsuit on. I couldn't entirely get a good look at him so I shifted my eyes at the enormous stadium. It was like a donut. A huge hole in the middle with a tiny stage driectly in the center, which we were standing on.

 Lights suddenly shot out from the top and landed on each of us. I flinched from the intense ray of light and watched with a shocked evaluation.

"Welcome ladies and gentlemen! I, Bruno shall be your host this year, like every year." He winked which got the crowd laughing. "This year shall be a huge year because these lovely humans are going to have an even bigger prize! Do you all want to know?" He asked the crowds. 'Yes' they chanted.

"Well.." He teased. "This years prize contains two wishes from Cupid himself!" Bruno shouted with a melodramatic scream. The crowds cheered with whistles and hoots.

"But because Cupid is being so generous this year. That means Love Olympus shall be even more challenging than any other year!" Bruno nodded. "Are you! All! Ready!" Bruno shouted. The stadium shook with shouts so loud I had to cover my ears.

"Welcome," Bruno turned around and faced us. "To Love Olympus," he smiled sinisterly.

Bruno’s voice boomed through the stadium, causing the crowd to erupt in a new wave of cheers. I knew why I was here but that didn’t stop the anxiety from making my stomach churn. The word ‘regret’ flashed through my mind but how could someone really regret something they had no choice in. Sure, I could’ve said no but the thought of seeing the light poll crash sent chills down my spine.

The bright light shining in my eyes still prevented me from seeing my partner properly but that wasn’t the only problem. He was exceptionally tall, almost… in a eerie way and that hid his face from my peripheral view.

I tilted my head sideways and attempted to look at the other teams but Bruno’s loud voice made me snap back to attention.

"Let’s start the introductions!" He shouted, causing the crowd to shout another cheer before becoming quiet. "Black team please step forward."

A couple crossed the stage. They had matching black hair which, oddly enough, was the same color as their jumpsuits. The female gave Bruno a questioning look.

He seemed irritated but smiled anyway. "Your name young lady. Please tell the crowd your name."

"Hi everyone," she blinked in surprise. Her voice was echoing through the stadium even though no visible microphone was attached to her. "My name is Krystal and obviously I’m part of the black team."

Two large screens showed a picture of her along with some basic information. Her age and where she's from. 

The crowd began to whistle and shout which caused a malicious smile to form across her face. She reminded me of the Grinch but without the green.

The young man cleared his throat which made the audience quiet down. "Hi, my name is Joon."

The same profile showed up on the screens. I glanced over and saw that he was born in Korea but moved to the U.S. when he was ten. He looked mixed.

Again, the crowd cheered but, to my surprise, he seemed indifferent. I couldn’t understand where his attitude came from because mine was completely opposite. Why were these people so okay with being here right now. It didn't make sense. The further Bruno went down the line the more my knees began to shake. I hated any type of public speaking. Regardless of this place not being earth. I was still nervous.


Two more couples introduced themselves but I wasn’t paying attention. It wasn’t until the girl with light brown skin and a visible limp walked forward that I actually started to watch the contestants again. They were both wearing orange jumpsuits which made them look like convicts in prison.

"Orange team, your names please," said Bruno, waving a hand through the air as if dismissing someone.

The girl held her head high and gave the stadium a quick look before simply saying, "Sandra."

Her black, shoulder length hair brushed her cheeks but I could still see the challenging look in her brown eyes. The limp was a disadvantage but taking this girl lightly would be a huge mistake. Anyone for the matter.

The next was her partner who was nervously rubbing a hand on his shaved head. He was tall but it didn’t look like athleticism ran in his family. I knew this to be true after he tripped over his own feet while trying to introduce himself. His dark brown eyes scanned the crowd before he let out a loud sigh.

"Um hi, I’m Minroe."

Despite my anxiety I couldn’t help smile. He was clumsy, yet seemed charming in a way.

"Your turn green team," said Bruno, his eyes gleaming with excitement.

The epitome of gorgeous walked forward and caused a hush over the crowd. I watched in awe as the male smiled confidently and flexed his tattooed arms without making it too obvious.

"My name is Archer and I’m happy to be on the green team." His brown, perfectly tousled hair, fell over his eyes as he sent a wink to his equally good looking partner.

I brought my hands up to my mouth as a snort escaped. This was a competition but did these people realize that death is what the losers got? Obviously Archer and his partner thought that they were going to win the whole thing.

My partner shifted from side to side and let out a low chuckle. Well at least tall guy thinks that was funny as well even if it was just a snort.

My eyes snapped back to the girl as her voice rang through the stadium. "My name is Corin and I’m equally as happy to be on the green team."

She moved back next to her partner and brushed a strand of red hair away from her gorgeous face. I envied the way that confidence oozed from their pores. The mumbles from all the other teams made it seem like they agreed with me.

I barely heard the other two teams introduce themselves because of how nervous I was.

"And finally the red team," boomed Bruno, giving us a brilliant smile.

I followed my partner’s lead and stepped to the front of the stage. For the first time I could see his features and it made my breath catch in my throat.

"Holy cr-," I was cut off quickly as Bruno spoke.

"Your name please," he stated. It seemed like he wanted introductions to be over and my moment of silence had irritated him.

"S-s-orry. Hi, my name is Leora."

My partner had the same look on his face that I did when my name was announced. He glanced down for a second before giving the crowd a small smile and rocking back on his feet.

"Hello everyone, I’m Clark."

Hollers and cheers erupted through the large stadium but I wasn’t focused on that. Instead, my eyes were locked on the tall guy standing next to me. It was hard to tell if he was the same boy from seven years ago but there was one definite way to make sure.

"Clark," I mumbled out of the corner of my lip.

"Hmm?" He turned to face me and right away my eyes fell on the scar under his left eye.


"Okay…" Clark shrugged and returned to look forward.

It seemed like his attention was focused somewhere else, but I would never forget a face like his. In elementary school while everyone else teased me he would always just stare. Sure, there were times that he made fun of me but it was never too hurtful or about Mr. Smirk.

There were even times he would sit next to me at lunch when no one else would. We didn’t say much to each other but at least it was comforting knowing that not everyone thought I was a freak. Well, at least I hoped not.

All thoughts of him were halted when Bruno’s deep voice echoed through the stadium.

"Show them to the house," he ordered. Four gaurds, i'm assuming, step forward and waited for everyone to walk off the stage. They also wore all white from head to toe with helmets present. "Get a good nights sleep contestants, you’ll need it for tomorrow."

He gave all of us one last brilliant smile before folding his hands behind his back and walking towards the exit.

I walked side by side with Clark just like everyone else did with their partners. The situation was terrible but at least I was partners with a familiar face.

There was excited chatter amongst the crowd so I couldn’t help but look up. People were scurrying through the crowds selling colored t-shirts with our names on them. I spotted a few red colors but a lot seemed to be buying green. It was a little deflating but that didn’t make me call it quits. Not even close.

"Whatever," I mumbled, shaking my head.

"I don’t blame them," said Clark, glancing over the crowd. "They do look pretty competitive and there’s a rumor going around that Corin use to be on the Olympic gymnastic team."

"Figures…but she does look older than all of us. Maybe she’ll crack a hip or something."

I watched his shoulder shake as a chuckle escaped his lips.

"You look familiar though," Clark pouted his lips as we continued to talk.

"Do I?" I ran a hand through my blond, pixie cut hair. My mom wasn’t really a fan of my fashionable female Mohawk but it suited me. She said it made my skinny frame look even tinier which made my brown eyes stand out. What was wrong with dark brown eyes? I liked them. The only thing that slightly irritated me were the freckles on my nose but it seemed like those were permanent.

Speaking of that, what was my Mom going to think when she didn’t find me in my room? What would everyone’s family think when they didn’t find them. What about the people that never returned? Would they just be another face, on a flyer, in a missing person’s data base? It didn’t matter now because only two of us were going home…if we’re lucky.

I pushed these thoughts aside and focused on the leading couple, Corin and Archer. They were at the front of the line and seemed be really be enjoying the competition that we were forced in to. Archer even offered a few high fives to the fans that cold reach while Corin waved like a pageant model.

All of us were lead through a dark tunnel that eventually opened up into a smaller circle. In the center was a large house, no, more like a mansion. A chubby Kupid stepped forward and held the door open. The tag on his suit clearly saying he was a Kupid.

I didn’t even get the chance to explore before the rather fat cupid opened his tiny mouth.

"Each team is designated one room. You’ll find out which room is yours by the color of the door."

"So our door is orange?" asked Minroe, excitedly.

He gave him a flat look before nodding once and continuing. "Each room comes equipped with the basic necessities. By that I mean underwear, white shirts, socks, shoes, bathroom items, and a few extra jumpers in each closet."

"We have to wear these all the time?" asked Krystal, tugging at her black sleeves with disgust.

"Yes, clothes aren’t really necessary since some of you won’t be here for very long."

I tried to suppress a shudder but it seemed like everyone was equally horrified. The only people that didn’t look like they were about to pee themselves was the green team and the black team. Poor Minroe looked like he wanted to faint.

"Suck it up," mumbled Sandra, elbowing him in the side. He gave her a quick glare but the color never returned to his face.

I looked around and noticed that the three other cupids were running around the house. They seemed to be checking various corners and…plants?

"We’ll leave you guys now."

The three of them walked out and the fat one followed. He was about to close the door but quickly poked his chubby cheeks back in.

"Oh, one more thing. There’s multiply cameras in each room so our people can watch you guys even when the games aren’t being played. No use in trying to hide anything so have fun while it lasts."

His eerie smile was the last thing I saw before the door slammed shut. The first one to move was Minroe who went directly to the kitchen. He opened up every cabinet, like a kid in a candy store, and started to squeal in delight.

He returned to the living room a few minutes later with a large bag of potato chips in his hands.

"They have good food and it reappears once you take it out!" he exclaimed, stuffing a handful of chips in his mouth.

Everyone awkwardly looked at each other before beginning to explore the house. I decided to check out the room first and it seemed like Clark had the same idea. Mabe I would get to talk to…

"Hey Clark!" shouted a shrill voice. I looked over my shoulder and stared as Krystal came skipping forward.

Caspian was following behind with the same look from the stage on his face. He nodded once towards me before looking back at the hallway floor.

"Hey Krystal, pretty crazy huh?" Clark nodded at her.

"You two know each other too?" I blinked.

"Yeah, why?" She questioned with what seemed like with a condascending tone.

This was strange. If they were going to pick random people from all over the world. I'm pretty sure no one would know each other, but why?

I scrunched my face with frustration. Too many questions. To many unanswered.

 Krystal changed the conversation by grabbing a hold of his arm and asking. "Who’s your partner?"

"Umm, it’s-"

"Leora. Nice to meet you," I smiled mildly.

"I’m Krystal but I think you already know that."

"Yeah…How do you guys know each other?"

"We go to school together," she said, flashing me a  smile. "Why do you care?"

I may be in over my head taking everything in right now with being in the underworld. However, I'm pretty sure this girl is attacking me. Snorting under my breath I really, really did not have the energy to do this right now.

Her dirty look clearly stating she for some reason didn't like me. Even though we literally exchanged several words.

I rolled my eyes and headed into the red door which happened to be the last room in the hall. Walking away was the only thing on my mind right now. Clark entered a few seconds later with Krystal hanging on him like a leech.

"Great," I sighed.

There were two beds, with the heads against the back wall, and a small dresser in between. I walked over to a side door that lead to our own bathroom that had a shower made for twenty people. Along the far right wall was a long mirror where I saw Krystal flop down on the left bed.

Looks like I’ll be taking the one on the right, I thought.

The other thing I noticed was Clark staring at me like he used to as a child. He quickly looked away and focused on Krystal who was rambling on about Love Olympus.



I know he remembers me. If he didn’t then why did he keep looking at me? There was only so long he could pretend before we were forced to be team mates. My life depended on his and visa-versa.

"Krystal?" said a soft silky voice with a slight accent. Caspian’s dark eyes were peaking into the room.

"Oh, I guess I better get going. I’ll be back in a bit."

She bent down and awkwardly hugged Clark before leaving the room. Caspian forced a smile at us before closing the door in a hurry.

"They look like they’re related," I said, laying down on my bed in a huff.

"She's naturally brunette," he shrugged and put both hands behind his head. His brown hair fell across his left eye but the scar was still visible. It was faded now but I still remembered when it was fresh and pink.

"What do you think we’ll have to do?" he asked, still keeping his eyes focused on the ceiling.

"I have no idea. My Kupid just said that-"

"Wait," he said, sitting up and looking at me. "You talked to your Kupid?"

"Yeah, that’s the reason why I’m kind of in this situation to begin with. He broke the rules by showing himself to me so my reward is to be part of some bet."

"I met mine first in a white room," Clark murmured sitting on a bed. "Let's just say I was in there for a good twenty four hours until I went with it."

"Really?" I blinked.

"Yeah, how about you?" He asked, looking curious.

"Minutes," I walked over to the other bed and sat down.

"Wow," Clark seemed impressed. "You just acceted it like that?" He snapped.

"You won't understand," I stretched my lips into a small smile. Clark nodded. His body language telling me he wouldn't be asking anymore questions.

I sighed and began to rub my own arm in a soothing manner.

"No use in complaining now, right?" he said offering me a small smile. I couldn't help feel offended either way.

I thought about getting mad but he was right, complaining wouldn’t do me any good. The bet was already made and my fate had been sealed. At least here I could fight for my life where on earth it will eventually end as a form of punishment.

"Maybe we should go downstairs and meet some of the other couples?" I offered since we weren't exactly thinking stratedgy.

He nodded in agreement and headed towards the door without a backwards glance. His height still intimidating me but I had to admit that he was good looking. Not to mention his build would probably help in the games if it required physical work. Maybe he was smart as well, but knowing Krystal really did knock a few points off his I.Q.

I sighed and hoisted myself off the bed. There was a lot of chatter downstairs so I assumed that most of the teams had become acquainted. This was all thrown out the window when I saw Corin and Archer sitting in the love seat, demanding everyone’s attention.

"What do you think the games will be like?" asked Corin, flipping her red hair to the side.

Some of the other boys stared at her while the girls just looked envious or uncaring. I had to admit, she was beautiful but her attitude was annoying.

"You want to punch her too?" whispered a girl as she leaned close to my ear.

"What makes you say that?" I turned to look at her.

"You had that sour look on your face like finding that hidden yogurt in your car after two years. I’m Sandra by the way." She flipped her hair dramatically, mimicking Corin. I couldn't help smile back as she grinned devilishly.

"Hey, I remember, and I’m Leora."

"Well I just thought that formal greetings were needed so, it’s nice to meet you too." Sandra chuckled.

I could immediately tell that I was going to like this girl. She seemed honest and sincere which I couldn’t say much for the other couples. Caspian was staring around the room, taking in everyone’s body language like he was studying for an important exam. Krystal and him may not have the same over bearing personalities like the green team but they shouldn’t be taken lightly. Even Clark, who was sitting on the arm rest next to Krystal, was staring at Caspian with a frown.

"It’s nice to meet you too. You and Minroe look older than all of us. How old are you?"

June waved a finger back and forth while making a ‘tsk-ing’ noise. "You’re lucky that it’s not a guy asking me because I would take my good leg and kick you-,"

"Sorry," I stuttered surpressing a blush.

"It’s fine," she laughed giving me a time to sigh with relief. "I’m twenty nine, but don’t make fun of me just yet. Minroe is thirty one so he gets all the rights to being grandpa out of the group of us."

Corin’s voice broke through our conversation as she started to become louder. It seemed like us ignoring her was really starting to piss her off. Archer’s eyes narrowed as he locked onto me.

"Do you want to go take a tour of the house?" asked Sandra, shooting a glare towards the green team.

"Yes, please, before I hang myself," I sighed.

I got up from the couch and saw that Clark had a mixture of confusion and worry flitting through his eyes. I didn’t need to tell him where I was going but that look made me want to assure him that I would be fine. Just as my mouth open Krystal stretched both arms across his legs and laid her head down like a lap dog.

His eyes briefly went down to her and that was enough to make me walk out of the room. We were each other’s life lines but if he wanted to be involved with Krystal then so be it. I just needed him to perform in the Olympus, whatever that meant.

I needed Clark and as much as it ticked me off I had to rely on someone else for my life. I'm not going to lay down on the floor and give myself up, but teamwork was the key to survival. Sighing out of my nose I walked side by side with Sandra and focused on other things.

We walked into the kitchen and found a butt sticking out of the refrigerator. There was a lot of shuffling going on until Minroe popped out with a with a tub of cheeses and some crackers.

"Oh hey Sandra and…um.." He spoke through bites

"Leora," I waved.

"Right. There was just so many people and I was nervous and-"

"Relax, it’s fine." Sandra shook her head. "Damn fool eating so much."

His brown eyes glowed with happiness as he stared at us. "I can’t believe that that when you take something out of the fridge or cabinets they just reappear. It’s better than being on holiday at my Mum’s house," he giggled like a five year old. I smiled along with him, his personality contagious.

"What if the Olympus have us run a few miles in the name of love?" asked June, putting both hands on her hips.

"Then I’ll have to use my big muscles to knock the other players out." He flexed a solid arm that seemed to lack all muscle.

Minroe wasn’t a sloppy guy but he did look soft. I wanted to reach forward and poke his stomach and wait for the pilsbury sound. They were partners, but other than that I didn’t know what their relationship was nor do I know them. Only a couple of minutes with each other were still strangers trying to survive.

The banter seemed playful enough so maybe they somehow knew each other just like I remembered Clark. Too bad it didn’t seem the same for him.

We stepped into the kitchen as Minroe plopped himself down at a large and fancy table. The room alone was bigger than my entire downstairs back at home. I could picture the excitement in my Mom’s eyes as I ran my hands over the granite countertops. She would have loved this kitchen, I thought.

"I’m hungry," said a deep voice, making me turn my head in surprise.

Clark walked in who was followed by Caspian and Krystal whispering to each other. He gave me an odd look before going over to the pantry and digging in. Caspian left the room in a huff and caused and uncomfortable silence to settle until Clark came shuffling back. He had cookies, peanut butter, and some kind of fruit bar. A typical meal for any guy who’s too lazy to cook.

Minroe moved his bag of chips over to Clark just as he took a seat next to him. They exchanged some kind of acknowledgement before sharing the food between them.

"So, Lia was it?" asked Krystal, fluttering her eyelashes at me while taking the seat next to me.

"Leora," I restrained the tone in my voice..

"Oh right, VLeora. So…Clark told me that you talked to your cupid. I just met mine today and he didn’t really have much to say."

I meant for that to stay between Clark and I, but obviously he didn’t. Saying something probably would’ve helped, however I assumed that since we knew each other then I could give him a bit of trust. Next time I’ll know better.

"Yes, but it wasn’t anything serious. He just told me about everything before we came down under and then next thing I know, it feels like I’m being sucked through a vacuum." Literally, I thought.

She nodded once and turned back to Clark. There was no reason to tell them that Mr. Smirk got into a bit of trouble and basically wagered my life. Minroe would probably give me some kind of sympathetic look but Krystal would find some way to use this to her advantage. I wasn’t sure what roles the Kupids played but either way, the information would be private.

Corin and Archer must’ve been missing the attention because I soon found myself surrounded by everyone again. We were all sitting at the table and nibbling at some snack from the pantry. The house made everything seem surreal. If I pretended that this was just some bad school event then maybe the competition would just go away.

I suddenly remembered the cameras and glared at one of the house plants. It must look weird to the crowd and the other teams that I’m giving this palm tree a dirty look but oh well.

Keeping as much information to myself was probably the best idea. If the cameras picked up any sort of emotion then the other cupids might take that advantage and tell their human. Even making it known that Clark and I knew each other was out of the question. Not that he would be upset. It seemed like all his attention was on Krystal for what seemed like now.

"So what the hell is going to happen? They make us sit here and wait until we all kill each other from boredom?" grumbled Sandra. She leaned forward on her hands and frowned across the table.

As if on cue there was a loud knock at the door. Caspian was the first there since he was in the living room.

"No one’s there," he shouted loud enough for us to hear in the kitchen. "But I found this," Caspian walked in with a note in his hand.

"Here," Krystal reached over and plucked away from him with eagerness.

She read it over once and frowned. Whatever excitement she was looking for wasn’t going to happen.

After a few moments of silence I clicked my tongue impatiently.

"Oh yeah. All it says is that the assessments will start tomorrow, whatever that means." She threw the note to the side. Clark walked over to pick it up.

"I guess we’ll find out tomorrow then," I said, heading towards my room.

Whatever anxiety had left just came crashing back down. I held it down as long as I could, but I couldn't anymore. It felt like the air had been knocked out of my lungs. I wasn’t expecting this to start so soon but I also never expected to be in this situation in the first place.

Entering my room I closed it behind me and walked over to my bed. I turned the lamp off and threw myself under the cover. I slumped down into my bed and a few minutes later another body laid down in the opposite bed. He must've been tired too.

It wasn't as awkward as I thought having a guy sleep in the same room as me. Maybe it as the fact we were here. In the underworld that I didn't care. I just didn't care.

"We’ll be okay," mumbled Clark into his pillow.

It sounded more like a question than any form of reassurance.

"Yeah I hope so." I mumbled back.

I turned on my side and watched the steady rise and fall of his back. It was soothing in a way and started to make me drowsy. In a matter of minutes I drifted off into an uneasy sleep, dreading what tomorrow was going to bring. If only at that time I could predict the hell I was going through.

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