A girl name darcy goes shopping with her friend desiree in a mall. they suddenly play their fav 1D song and the girls sing along. 1D comes in to find out out that their fans and 2 of the boys ask them out! keep reading to find ou who are the 2 boys and what happens! xx


4. Today's the day

TODAY'S THE DAY! Darcy said loud and clear in my ear trying to wake me up.

"why is it so important anyways". i said forgetting that today we might meet one direction. -desiree

"Desiree, did you forget that today we , might have a chance to meet one direction"!? -darcy

OMG, i Said loud and clear! after screaming for like 2 minutes straight i ask darcy at what time is one direction going to palisades mall? Darcy says that they are leaving their house in 3 more hours so me and Darcy had enough time to take a shower, brush our teeth, get dress, and put on makeup!


I decided that Desiree should go first cos she takes like a 35 minute shower or well it depends how long. Also, i want her to take her time because she does dress way better than me and takes long putting on makeup and getting dress. So in the mean while i sort out our pretty clothes and put some one direction songs. Im glad that shes coming with me because just incase me and her do meet the guys I dont have to be alone flirting with naill while she can flirt with harry or if she wants to but i bet that she is. ! hour has past and she looks like she has shaved her legs good even though she does evryday. So i took my towel, deodarent, and lotion to the bathroom to go take my shower. With the music really loud i started to sing but i can barely hear myself. Desiree didnt care how loud the music was, her parents were away on work vacation for like a year so i take it that Desiree is very happy with that. After taking a long and realxing shower i finally come out still singing to one direction my fav boy band! I enter the room to see Desiree singing and kissing the posters all over her wall! I sart to scream at her to not kiss my boyfriend and get dress. So she finally does that even though all she had to do is fix her hair and do her makeup other than that she looked perfect to meet one direction hopefully! Luckly that me and Desiree we're single cos if not then i dont know what we would do if they fall for us or fancy us!



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