A girl name darcy goes shopping with her friend desiree in a mall. they suddenly play their fav 1D song and the girls sing along. 1D comes in to find out out that their fans and 2 of the boys ask them out! keep reading to find ou who are the 2 boys and what happens! xx


5. Today's the day #2

Finally we both finished and we're ready to go but we had to check ourselves out in the mirror just incase if we forgot something, but we found out that we didnt so we were ready to go. Desiree got her purse and so did and her car keys and we left the house. Desiree had the up all night cd in her car, so i popped it in the radio and started blasting music. It was gonna take us like an hour or so the get to the mall, but we didnt care, all we cared about was wishing to just bump into one direction. We finally got there and we spotted them, they were wearing glasses and other stuff that they usaully dont wear to hide who they really were but me and Desiree knew who they really were to us it was so noticable! We were so excited, so they went into their fav shop which was ours too not cos they liked it we like it before they even became famous but w.e. 

I notice that we all went in together which was wierd but i didnt care and i looked back to see what desiree was doing and i notice that harry was checking her out so i went to go get her and i told what happened and when she looked back to look at him he quickly looked away and he started to blush. She started to giggle and when me and her went to where they were standing at louis told harry that he should totally just walk over to her and tell her how she feels but after louis told her that niall suddenly pulled harry back and told him to wait for him and harry just said ok and kept staring at desiree while louis siad why did you do that do you like her too and niall replied saying no i like her firend i find her attractive! So louis came up  to us and said......... 

"erm hey girls i just wanted to say my two friends over there really fancy you and they want to meet you."

'"hi im desiree and u sound really familiar and you look really familiar too"

Desiree was acting like she didnt know who they were!

So louis called harry and niall over to us and louis said that; that was harry niall louis liam and zayn.So me and Desiree started like scream but not fangirl and after we finished  we said that we couldnt believe that it was really them. Harry with his sexy accent and voice took me to the corner and started to flirt with desiree saying if i had a boyfriend or a guy bestfriend!.


After harry took me to the corner i answered his question saying no that i dont have a boyfriend and saying that no i do not have a guy best-friend but i would really love to have one, someone i can really talk to and get close to him. So after i finished talking Harry said that he would be very happy to be my guy-friend so i said that he is more likely to be. Harry officialy gave me his phone number and that he would text me tonight. While me and harry went back to the boys and to Darcy i found out that darcy has a date with niall this friday. I was so happy for her and niall and me and Dracy got all their phone numbers and address to go to harry's flat tonight also danielle,perrie,and eleanor would be their also they said so we can meet them!



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