A girl name darcy goes shopping with her friend desiree in a mall. they suddenly play their fav 1D song and the girls sing along. 1D comes in to find out out that their fans and 2 of the boys ask them out! keep reading to find ou who are the 2 boys and what happens! xx


2. the day before...

So today is the day that Darcy comes to my house and sleeps over for the big day tomrrow. The only reason she's sleeping over my is house because she lives close to me, we're going shopping tomrrow, and im the only one who has my license. I just couldnt wait till tomorrow thinking about us meeting one direction especially harry! Darcy started to help me with picking out my clothes for tomrrow>

 She did pick out some really cute clothes. Darcy picked out some really cute baige shorts and a really cute white top with some really white cute sandals. It started to get dark outside, so me and Darcy took a shower, brushed our teeth, and put our pj's on.


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