A girl name darcy goes shopping with her friend desiree in a mall. they suddenly play their fav 1D song and the girls sing along. 1D comes in to find out out that their fans and 2 of the boys ask them out! keep reading to find ou who are the 2 boys and what happens! xx


12. Bye hazza!

  its been 3 days till me and harrys break up in the club, and i do kinda miss him but i do not want to do any thing with him, we cant even be friends anymore! *PHONE RINGS* Desiree: hello  Louis: hi love Desiree:oh hey louis, hows it going? Louis: everything is not okay when you and harry broke up he's miserable he didnt mean too Desiree: idk what he thinks or feels i want nothing to do with him he really hurt me that day Louis:but he say's he's sorry Desiree: lou please ok listen to me he broke my heart on my birthday, MY BIRTHDAY, i cant give somebody that easily! Louis: ok i understand juss call me when you wanna talk to him, Bye love Desiree: bye lou, ok i will!

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