A girl name darcy goes shopping with her friend desiree in a mall. they suddenly play their fav 1D song and the girls sing along. 1D comes in to find out out that their fans and 2 of the boys ask them out! keep reading to find ou who are the 2 boys and what happens! xx


8. "baby just say yes"


Harry just texted me saying that he's had enough and that he has to talk to me so i gave him my address so we can talk privetley and since Darcy was here i told Harry to tell Niall to come too so he can keep her company and since she told me the great news that Niall asked her out! so after like 25 minutes of watching a movie which is titanic I heard a knock on the door so im thinking that its harry and niall so i suddenly got up and walked towards the door and opened it. I smiled and my guess was right so i screamed hazza which is my nickname for him gave him a hug and i screamed out nialler which is my nickname for niall. I went to go get Darcy and told her that Niall was here lucky for Niall Darcy just came out the shower so i then told harry what he's had enough with and why he wanted to talk to me. Harry started to tear and started to say that he doesnt know If im ready or if he's ready to say what he's suppose to say but then i just sed that were besties so he can tell me whatever. After me saying that harry said that he dont want us to be best-friends anymore so i stopped him and  i said w-what are trying to say so he said I-I just wanted to say do you want to be love? I replied saying i-i dont get what your trying to say. harry: d-do you w-want to be m-my g-girlfr... I had to stop him and i screamed out yes and giving him a big hug! Darcy and niall came out saying whats going on while niall said did you tell her yet and darcy saying whats going on and im here crying saying that harry asked me to be his girlfriend and i stopped and asked why is nialls hair messed up and darcy's hair is messed up too? they answered saying that they were making out and i said no fooling around !

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