A girl name darcy goes shopping with her friend desiree in a mall. they suddenly play their fav 1D song and the girls sing along. 1D comes in to find out out that their fans and 2 of the boys ask them out! keep reading to find ou who are the 2 boys and what happens! xx


9. "baby just say yes" #2


After asking the love of my life out we kissed for like 2 minutes straight and she sure was a good kisser, i felt goosebumps inside of me,  i knew that i made the right choice of asking her out! i put our fav movie on which is called "love actually" and i just kept staring at her when she noticed that i was looking at her she said oh hazza and sat on my lap and kissed! i knew the she was the one the first time i laid my eyes on her and she has everything that i love and want in a girl and im looking at her now. I cant believe the beauty that im looking at but i feel like im not the one for her and its just a trajic truth if she doesnt really feel the same. It might not mean that might to her but to me its everything. Im truly,madly,deeply in love with her so i just want her to keep me ruly,madly,crazy,deeply in love with her.

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