Hello. My name is Lana.
I've been a fan of 1D for my, like, whole entire life! Niall Louis Liam Zayn and Harry are so cute and fabulouis and I love them!
So like one day my mom surprised me with 1D tickets? I was so happy!!!!!! Then the next day It's the concert and... The five most amayzayn boys ever notice me?
This is my story!


2. Chapter Two

And the next evening, Lana was getting ready to go to the 1D concert.

She pulled on a light pink summer dress, as it was really hot out, and likely to be boiling in the concert hall. She then slipped into light grey flats, complete with their own little watermelon-coloured bow. With finishing touches done, like curling her hair and putting on her make-up, Lana was ready to go.

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