Hello. My name is Lana.
I've been a fan of 1D for my, like, whole entire life! Niall Louis Liam Zayn and Harry are so cute and fabulouis and I love them!
So like one day my mom surprised me with 1D tickets? I was so happy!!!!!! Then the next day It's the concert and... The five most amayzayn boys ever notice me?
This is my story!


1. Chapter One

"Lana, I have a surprise for you!" My mom says, and I run downstairs because I'm really excited to see what she has for me!

"What is it, mom?" I say, pulling on my socks and pouring myself cereal.

"I bought you 1D tickets!" My mom says. She's the best mom ever! I run up to hug her and take the tickets from her hand and run upstairs to put them on my pillow before going to school.

"Okay, bye!" I say, and dance out the door because I'm 1) so happy and 2).... my bus! I'm going to be late!

I run after it, trying to catch up to the yellow bus. My friend Delaware waves out the window, screaming for me across the street.

"Delly!" I say, not even stopping for breath. "I got a ticket for a 1D concert!" Im hyperventilating from the running (It's already halfway the way to school!) and my face is probably really embarrassingly red!

"Really?" Delly says, Hopping out the window 'cause she's the best at hurdles at school.

"No fair!"

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