Creatures Of The Blue....

I've always been obsessed with mermaids so what happens when i find out i am one?


2. 'Wanting to be alone and feeling alone are two very different things.'

I wake up relieved I don't have to start school today. It's Sunday and so school doesn't start until tomorrow. I wonder what people will think of me. You would think after changing school so many times I would have perfected the new girl look. But it's different every time, sometimes they liked me, sometimes they hated me. Sometimes I was popular, sometimes I was a geek. Normally when we moved it was to an entirely different country and so the customs were different. But the question is, would they like me here? Maybe some of my fathers local personality would rub off on me. I did look like a local, olive skin and dark curly hair just like my fathers, the only difference was my bright green eyes and my English accent of course.

I drag my feet towards the kitchen to see my dad already in his diving gear and about to go.

“Your going already?” I yawn, gnawing on a waffle.

“Yes, the dives better early in the morning, I thought I'd let you sleep in,” Dad replies, flippers in one hand and multiple bags in the other as he tries to manoeuvre the door open. I open it for him.

“So what do I do?” I ask, I didn't expect him to start work today, I'll be on my own for the day.

“Go exploring, meet new people,” Dad replies but I frown,normally we explore the new area together. “Oh and Coral, no going near the sea.” I pout as I mimic his words and he shuts the door.

I look around the apartment, it's a mess. After one night already Dad has somehow made the place look like a tip. I'm bored so I wash up, clean my already clean room and once that's done slump on the sandy beach which is my back garden. It truly is beautiful. The water is calm and serene, with a clear blue ocean tinged with pink from the sky above. On top it lay the sun a flaming beam of light. I closed my eyes breathing in the salty taste of the sea, that I so longed to run through my fingers. The air stirred around me, the sun shining on my face. Suddenly I heard a crashing noise, but I didn't think anything of it, it was probably from further down the beach.

Suddenly darkness passes over me and I open my eyes, wide in surprise. I look up to see a boy staring curiously at me with unruly dirty blonde hair and deep brown eyes that look at me as if I was a new species. We both scream.

“Sorry to scare you,” We chorus.

“Sorry,” We say again.

“You go first,” I say slowly. He grinned at me. I raise my eyebrow.

“I'm Caspian but everyone calls me Casper,”

“Well Caspian, what I'd like to know is why you've interrupted my day of bliss,” I said. He was still grinning but I'm not amused.

“Well the boys and I were just playing some football and our ball rolled over here,” Casper said. I raised my eyebrow higher as he settled on the sand beside me.

“Well,” I say standing up and fetching his ball, “Here's your ball.” I hand it to him and his hands brush over mine as I give an involuntary shiver. He let them linger there for a little while longer before I shoved the ball into his chest. He mocked hurt, his grin only seeming to widen thanks to his dimples, the size of saucers. “Bye now!” I said as I flop back onto the sand. Unfortunately he flops back down with me. It seemed I would never get the relaxation I deserved. I stand up and walk further down the beach, hoping he would go away.

“Sorry, I don't understand what bye means,” He says playing the innocent Italian boy.

“You have got to be kidding me, you've been talking fluent English for the last fifteen minutes!” I said, quickening my pace as he followed me. He shrugged. “How is your English so good anyway?” I ask and I instantly regret it, I just started a conversation. I clamber the steps out of the beach two at a time.

“Well my mother teaches me,my father was American,” Capser explains. I skip across the quiet road.

“So why doesn't your father just teach you?” I ask as I balance on the brick wall below the shops.

“He's...not around,” Casper says quietly.

“I guess I'm not the only one who's parent's done a disappearing act,” I mutter.

“What?” Casper asks but I'm already making my way back the way we came.

“Casper!” A group of boys shout as they run up the stairs that lead to the beach. I slide past them and back down the stairs.

“Wait! You didn't tell me your name,” Casper says running after me, his sandals left on the sand behind him.

“Coralia, but everyone calls me Coral,” I say copying his line.

“Bye Coralia,” Casper say winking.

“Bye Caspian,” I reply shutting the door. I sink on the sofa and smile.

“Casper,” I whisper smiling. I know I will regret it but I hope to accidentally bump into Casper again.


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