Death Trap

I pulled the trigger…

Eight years ago Saffron Bridges’ parents died in a fire and her brother was murdered, as far as she knows… Now she has entered a deadly game and there can only be one winner, one wrong move and it’s all over. She must uncover the truth about her past and what really happened to her family.

Guns. Money. Drugs. They all lead to one thing... Death.


8. Six


It had been a week since I’d spoken to Jared. I was really annoyed with him. There was a knock at my door. I sighed. I definitely wasn’t Jared he never knocked on my door. Not even when we were in care.

Come in.”

The door opened and in stepped Jared.

I regarded him.

He half smiled at me. “Hey Saph.”

Why are you here?” Okay so I didn’t mean to be rude but he had really pissed me of the other day.

I wanted to see you.”

I snorted. “Right.”

He sat down on my bed and smiled at me. “What’s up with you?”

I glared at him but the look on his face turned my glare into a grin.

Ha, I knew you couldn’t stay mad at me for long,” Jared snickered.

I ask again, why are you here?”

He moved closer to me. “To see you.”

You knocked. Why?”

It’s polite.”

I shook my head at him “That’s such a lame excuse.”

He grunted. It was totally guy-like.

What happened before… we have to talk. What was up with you?” I asked slowly.

His face fell. “I don’t want to talk about it.”

Well I do,” I paused. “You really hurt me you know…”

He looked at my expression and sighed. “I'm sorry I upset you.”

Are you really or is that just a guy saying to get girls to back off?”

Quit it Saffron you’re starting to bug me,” he said through gritted teeth.

Don’t give a damn.”

Well I absolutely do give a damn, Saffron!” he exclaimed. He took a deep breath. “If you don’t want me here just say and I’ll go.”

Don’t act like I'm the one who did something wrong,” I was getting really worked up.

But you’re going to. You’re going to kill an innocent man.”

He’s not innocent! He killed my parents and my brother!” I screeched.

Well then tell the police! If you want I’ll even come with you!”

Ugh! You think that’s the answer to everything.”

It’s the easiest way, trust me,” Jared said.

You know what, you can go to hell. You’re a bastard and I hate you,” I hissed at him.

He touched my cheek. “What happened to you Saph?”

I grew up. I learned the truth about the world.”

I grew up too. I learnt that the world is a cruel place, if you’re alone. But, Saph you’ve got me,” he whispered.

People change Jared, even you-.”

You’ve changed Saph but not for the better.”

I turned my head away from him. Was what he said true? He turned my face back to him.

Jared, don’t.”

Why not?” He asked.

I doesn’t mean anything to either of us,” I reminded him.

He looked really hurt by what I’d said. “I didn’t mean it Saffron.”

It sounded like you did.”

He sighed.

I want you to leave, Jared.”

He stood up and walked to the door. “Bye Saffron…” he smiled sadly. He turned round. “I really care about you, you know. You don’t make it easy. I just wish you’d understand.” He turned and left.

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