Death Trap

I pulled the trigger…

Eight years ago Saffron Bridges’ parents died in a fire and her brother was murdered, as far as she knows… Now she has entered a deadly game and there can only be one winner, one wrong move and it’s all over. She must uncover the truth about her past and what really happened to her family.

Guns. Money. Drugs. They all lead to one thing... Death.


10. Seven



I didn’t care who was in the room with me. I didn’t care who saw what I was doing. Right now Meyers was my priority. I looked into his cobalt blue eyes. For once they were warm and had none of the mocking coldness I’d seen before. And I hated it. I hated him. He had to pay. I clicked my gun as I pressed it to his head. My eyes bored into his.

He closed his eyes and smiled. “I’ll be seeing you Saph.”

I pulled the trigger.

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