Death Trap

I pulled the trigger…

Eight years ago Saffron Bridges’ parents died in a fire and her brother was murdered, as far as she knows… Now she has entered a deadly game and there can only be one winner, one wrong move and it’s all over. She must uncover the truth about her past and what really happened to her family.

Guns. Money. Drugs. They all lead to one thing... Death.


5. Part Two: Hunt



He knew he was using her. And what was more he like using her after all he was getting way more out of it than she was. Vanessa Scott was so very easy to manipulate. But, Brady could understand why Carson was so obsessed with her. She had an amazing body. All legs, curves and boobs. And she was good in bed. Her vulnerability reminded him of Danni, apart from the fact that she was smarter and that her body was mature, Danni on the other hand had only just hit puberty and needed breast implants and unlike Danni, Vanessa didn’t do drugs. Then again he was the one who’d supplied Danni with coke. Jared would’ve said that Brady had turned her into a real ‘base head’. Sometimes Danni would ask him why he didn’t take any with her. He’d reply ‘I’ve just had some.’ Or ‘later babe, later.’

What was that saying? ‘Never try your own supply’. And she’d never complained because she was too stupid and too high to notice. And as for sex, well… compared to Vanessa it was like shagging a monkey. Ok, so that was harsh, but it was true. She was usually high when they were doing it and passed out almost every time from sheer exhaustion (either that or because she was so dammed high that she barely noticed that they were screwing) when they weren’t even finished (or when he wasn’t finished). He needed to up his game or Vanessa was definitely going to find out what he was doing and there was no doubt that she wouldn’t deal with him personally. There was no way of course that she’d tell Carson. He’d kill her himself and he wouldn’t hesitate in killing Brady either. She sighed. Brady looked down and smiled satisfied in what he had accomplished. It was now the fourth week Brady had slept with Vanessa and he was only just getting started. He was going to make her run round in circles for him so he could get what he wanted. And he wanted a lot. She moved closer to him and he put his arms around her. She sighed again. Women. If she was some other girl that he’d met at a club then he’d be all over her. If not only because she was hot it was because she was older than him. But then again, 17, 27 who’s counting?

Vanessa stirred. She was beginning to wake up. He needed to get dressed and get out before she woke. Brady had a wide grin on his face as he started to get dressed. He frowned. Where they hell is my ruddy shirt? He thought looking around.

Brady would you like to tell me what you’re doing?” her question pierced his ears. Crap, caught in the act.

He turned to face her. She raised one prefect eyebrow.

I'm getting dressed. You know what’d happen if Carson came in while I was still here,” he told her.

Her eyes narrowed slightly.

One, Robert is in LA doing business he’ll be back next week Saturday and two; if you don’t want him to catch you in here you shouldn’t have started this in the first place. You should never start what you can't finish. You of all people should know that.”

He looked into her hard blue eyes. Nothing. No emotion, no feeling.

You know I'm not worried about myself. It's you babe. Vanessa he’d kill both of us and you know it.” Brady bent down to kiss her. She put one finger over his lips.

I'm not playing your game Collins. You’re on thin ice.”

I'm not playing a game,” he said moving her hand from his mouth so he could place it over his heart.

She scrutinised him. She drummed her perfectly manicured fingers on his chest.

No lies, no evasions. I want you Vanessa. You’re not a toy that I’ll play with for a while and then chuck you away when I get bored. I want you. That’s all there is to it.” Brady prayed silently that she wouldn’t see through his lies. She was smart and he had to be careful with what he told her. She chewed her lip in thought.

He tried once more. “Babe, I can't keep on doing this with you if don’t trust me. I just want you. No one else.”

Vanessa tilted her head to one side. “Prove it.”

He smiled and kissed her. She let him this time. He knew she would. Brady got back into the bed. She pulled him closer to her.

Proved anything yet?” he asked.

Not just yet.” she smiled slowly.

They began kissing again.

Now I’ve won, Brady thought as he ran his hand through Vanessa’s hair.

Vanessa’s phone started to buzz. They both ignored it. It was Robert Carson.



I swear I was going to murder Brady in the next five seconds. He’s at it again, acting the ‘cool dude’ that he thinks he is. All I can say is ugh. I couldn’t believe that he was going to take Saffron to the friggin’ gun shed.

Are you coming Jared?” Brady called from the hallway.

Yeah, whatever.”

Saffron didn’t look at me as I walked towards her and Brady.

We walked out of the compound and into the gun shed.

I gritted my teeth and looked at Brady.

The first thing I would do if Saffron freaked was kill him. She gasped at the rows of guns. There were Taurus PT111s, AK47s, Glock23s, Taurus PT940s, Glock27s, Steyr Ms, Sig Sauer P220s and so many more guns placed in gun holders, waiting patiently to be used. She paused at a row of Butterfly and Anthame knives that glowed dimly in the light. Her eyes stopped at a rather large space. She frowned and tilted her head to one side.

What’s that for?” she asked.

I sniggered. I had to, it was funny. Brady was going to lose his mind over this one. He liked to dream big about impossible things.

Brady rolled his eyes. “Seeing as you’re so informed, why don’t you tell her…?”

It’s a space reserved for Brady’s imaginary bazooka,” I laughed again. “Like that’s ever going to happen Collins, d’you know how much those things cost.”

Well Brady if you’re good then maybe I might get you one,” a girl said. I turned round. It was Rhys. She had short brown hair that was now a pixie cut, her deep brown eyes darted around the room looking for any danger. She was like that a lot. It was ‘cause her old man used to knock her about a bit. Well he used to until she ran off with Jamie, her boyfriend who was absolutely crazy about Rhys and probably would’ve killed her dad if she’d let him. Usually, where she went Jamie followed. So it was no surprise when he jogged through the door.

Rhys wait up. Jeez did you have to run!”

Rhys turned around to grin at her worn out boyfriend. He was tall and lean with sandy blonde hair and bright blue eyes. He would knock you out if you looked twice at Rhys.

I didn’t tell you to smoke dope did I.” she stuck her tongue out at him.

Whatever,” he slung his arm nonchalantly around her shoulders. He moved to kiss her but she dodged it so he ended up kissing her cheek.

Hey!” Jamie exclaimed. They both laughed. Rhys stood on her tiptoes and kissed him deeply. He kissed her just as intently.

Christ, get a friggin’ room you two,” Brady groaned. They pulled away from each other and rolled their eyes.

Just cause you can't get laid doesn’t mean I can't either,” Jamie said.

That’s what you think,” Brady chuckled.

I shook my head and sighed.

Who’s this? Oh, Jared’s got a new girl eh, or is this the same one? Tell us then,” Rhys cocked an eyebrow upwards with a sly grin. She looked at Saffron. “Don’t do it he’s an idiot I'm telling you.”

I didn’t expect Saffron’s reaction.

Same one I'm afraid.” She laughed.

Rhys rolled her eyes. “Oh well… good luck. You’ll need it with him. A trouble maker he is. He’s a right little demon too.” She tutted and shook her head at me.

Mmm, I’ve noticed…” Saffron said.

Got a coppers record as well.” She shook her head again. “You’re setting a bad example.” She paused. “My name is Rhys. Rhys with a ‘y’ not an ‘e’,” she said to Saffron. She glared at Brady. He was constantly making fun of her name


If you’ve quite finished,” I sighed.

They tittered. It was my turn to do a bit of eye rolling…

Brady set his Glock23 back in its holder on the wall.

Oi! That’s mine. Cheeky bugger. Not getting a bazooka now.” Rhys made a face.

Vanessa gave it to me on loan,” he replied.

It wasn’t bloody hers to loan!” she yelled. “Stupid cow…” she then muttered

Whatever.” Brady groaned.

Rhys dear, I only leant it to him because it was necessary.”

Everyone jumped at the sound of Vanessa’s voice. Everyone except Rhys. She turned and glared at Vanessa.

What’s the matter Rhys?” Vanessa smiled. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Saffron flinch.

Nothing’s wrong Vanessa. I'm fine,” Rhys said through gritted teeth. Jamie tightened his arm around her.

Good.” she smiled again. Her fake smile almost cracked when Rhys didn’t call her Miss Scott. She should be used to it though. Rhys never called her Miss Scott. She didn’t think she had to. And even if she did she wouldn’t. Rhys was involved in the same schemes as Jamie but like me and Brady she didn’t work for Vanessa Scott, she worked for Robert Carson, who was in cahoots with Vanessa Scott.

Robert Carson is coming back in half an hour. He and I will then tell you about what our plans are.” She turned and left.

Jamie sighed, relieved. Rhys scowled at her back.

Spill the beans. I know you know what’s going on. Tell me now,” I rounded on Brady.

He sighed. “I don’t know she hasn’t told me anything. Let it go!”

I took a step towards him.

Stop it you two. Carson is coming back in half an hour and already you two are arguing with each other. We need to sit tight and wait for him. Ok?” Jamie said exasperated. Jamie didn’t work for Carson he worked for Vanessa. He’d worked for her since he was 13. Just running errands and things like that but by the time he was 15 he was getting more and more involved. Now he was 18 he was dealing with some pretty hardcore stuff. Rhys hated the fact that he work for Vanessa and not Carson. She didn’t like Vanessa because she was always trying to intimidate her into doing what she wanted. Naturally, Rhys wasn’t having any of that so she reacted badly.

He’s right. We shouldn’t be arguing. Let’s go back to the compound and wait for him. It’s the only thing we can do,” Rhys chimed in.

We all nodded.

Saffron followed our lead when we went out of the gun shed and into the compound.

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